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The Good and the Bad

That was the view from my apartment earlier this afternoon.  We’re in the midst of yet another big storm that will probably drop over a foot of snow and ice on us by tomorrow morning. If you asked me on Monday how I thought my Wednesday would go, I would have said I’d be up at 6, hit the gym, pack orders at the warehouse, kick out early (I’m working a reduced warehouse schedule to give me more time to program), meet up with Mike… Continue reading


Intelligent IKEA Packaging

Check out how my new pillows from IKEA came packaged: And then opened up: After fluffing it up for a few minutes it became un-wrinkled and took the form of a normal soft puffy pillow, much more so than that picture shows.  I slept on them last night and they were super comfortable. Amazing!  They’re actually saving space as opposed to completely wasting it, ahem Yankee Candle.  Imagine how much warehouse space that saves them?  How many more they can fit on a truck when… Continue reading


Why I’m Now Super Productive at Starbucks

When I participated in the One Laptop Per Child’s Give One, Get One Program back in December 2007, they gave us one year of free T-Mobile hotspot access in addition to the computers.  I was super psyched because, at that time, a T-Mobile subscription was the only way to access the web at Starbucks.  Up until then I was limited to a handful of coffee shops in the area that had free wi-fi, but when you threw Starbucks into the mix there were hundreds of… Continue reading


Something I Just Don’t Get About Shipping

Last week I saw that Yankee Candle was having a 2-for-$20 sale on their 2008 jar candles (normally over $20 each) so I ordered a few.  When they arrived, they were packaged like this: It has slots for six candles when I only ordered two!  Two thirds of that box is completely empty. You’re telling me that they don’t have a box for two or four candles?  Six is their smallest for anything more than one (that’s assuming they have a box for one, which… Continue reading


You Aren’t Your Business

One of the things that I think is important to understand about running a business – and this was re-iterated to me during my week off – is that your business doesn’t define who you are.  To me, your core values and beliefs, the relationships you have with others, your experiences, those things define you. In my week off I spoke about business for probably a grand total of 5 minutes.  I spent a whole lot of time doing a ton of things that interest… Continue reading


Forum Marketing for E-Commerce

This is a guest post by my business partner Greg.  Each owner of Pure Adapt will be writing a post while I’m on vacation. Forum marketing has become an outstanding tool for us to market our website www.detailedimage.com, which is our automotive detailing supplies store. Forums are essentially an online common place where members can share opinions and information. As a forum sponsor it gives us a direct path to interact with our exact target market. Today I wanted to briefly help you assess the… Continue reading


2008 Online Holiday Shopping Season in Review

This is a guest post by my business partner Mike.  Each owner of Pure Adapt will be writing a post while I’m on vacation. A brief intro, my name is Michael Li and I’m a long time friend and current business partner with Adam at Pure Adapt, Inc. and I will be guest posting today. My post will be a review the 2008 online holiday shopping season. For us at Pure Adapt the 2008 holiday shopping season was a solid one and we finished the… Continue reading


8 Tips to Financial Stability for Small Businesses

This is a guest post by my business partner George.  Each owner of Pure Adapt will be writing a post while I’m on vacation. Financing a small business can be very stressful when you are working with limited capital. Not having a solid cash flow can make or a break a company, so properly handling your finances is something no business owner should overlook. Below will outline some ways Pure Adapt has managed sustain positive cash flow and to continue self funding our growth without… Continue reading


Vacation Time! Guess Who’s Filling In?

I’ve mentioned a few times that the last real vacation I took was a family trip to Florida back in January of 2005.  A few months back we decided that since sales would likely be lowest in January (although we’re doing pretty good so far), we’d all take a vacation that month.  Greg was away this past week.  This coming week is my turn.  I’m heading up to a Bed & Breakfast in northern Vermont with my girlfriend.  Mostly I’m just looking forward to relaxing… Continue reading


13 Ways to Find More Time in ’09

A while back a friend of mine asked me “how do you do it all?”  I kind of looked at him perplexed.  “All of the websites, your blog, reading books and blogs, getting to the gym on a routine basis, spending time with friends and family, etc.”  Not knowing how to reply, I just said “Umm.  I watch a lot less crappy network television than most people.” Really though, I didn’t have an answer for him.  But I thought about it more, and realized that… Continue reading