503rd Post Extravaganza

Earlier today I realized that I had passed the 500 post milestone, something I never would have dreamed about when I wrote my first post back in November 2005.  Turns out that #500 was my Productive Napping post.  A few months back when I realized that 500 was imminent, I thought to myself “I should do something special”.  Well, I clearly forgot.

So tonight while watching the football games I decided to spend some time on the blog.  I am planning a huge overhaul designed around the “entrepreneurship as a career choice” talk I gave at Skidmore, but that’s more than likely a year away.

For the time being I made a few minor changes:

  • I updated the header, including a new updated picture of my balding head (in case you were wondering – I’m still going bald).
  • I changed around the color scheme a bit…just because I felt like it.
  • I rewrote the About page and put in a more recent photo.
  • I spent a few hours putting together a time line of my entrepreneurial experience, which is now part of the header.  It’s a great way to see how I’ve progressed since college.  The reason it took so long was because I dug up the relevant posts for each bullet and linked them accordingly, so new visitors (or curious regular readers) can go back and see how I felt during each moment as it was happening.

Of course, this is another great opportunity to thank YOU.  Thank you to everyone who has read a post, taken the time to comment, or sent me an email.  I’ve met so many great people through this blog.  It truly has been a life changing experience.

Here’s to 500 more posts!

1 comment on 503rd Post Extravaganza

  1. Nev says:

    Damn, after 4 years of blogging I only have 422 published posts!

    I liked your timeline. I made one too a while ago:

    …but more as an easy way to browse the blog. An Entrepreneurial Time Line is a good idea, and I’m sure will inspire many young’uns.

    Best of luck Adam, look forward to the next 500 posts!

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