Intelligent IKEA Packaging

Check out how my new pillows from IKEA came packaged:

IKEA Pillow Packaging

And then opened up:

IKEA Pillow Packaging

After fluffing it up for a few minutes it became un-wrinkled and took the form of a normal soft puffy pillow, much more so than that picture shows.  I slept on them last night and they were super comfortable.

Amazing!  They’re actually saving space as opposed to completely wasting it, ahem Yankee Candle.  Imagine how much warehouse space that saves them?  How many more they can fit on a truck when they ship them to their stores?  It seems so simple and obvious, but that’s the first time I’ve seen pillows packaged this way.   Kudos to some innovative engineering.

3 comments on Intelligent IKEA Packaging

  1. AW says:

    Hello. I’ve been looking for ways to repack my unrolled pillow because I’m moving to another country. Thing is, I’ve ‘fallen in love’ with this one particular IKEA pillow that I can’t bear to leave it behind when I leave the country I’m currently in for good. I’ve decided it must come with me and it’ll help if I could compress it and save space. Any ideas?

  2. Adam McFarland says:

    AW – you could try one of those space saving packing bags, like this one I found on Target’s website.

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