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’08 Grade, ’09 Goal

While I was working on the time line the other night I began to notice that I wasn’t all that happy with what I accomplished for the business in ’08.  Don’t get me wrong – we had a great year and I was super excited to see the growth laid out in numbers during our ’08 company review this afternoon.  I’m very very happy, content, and proud at what we achieved as a business.  Our goal was to double in revenue from ’07.  Instead, we… Continue reading


Back Up Your Shit People!

My jaw dropped when I read on Lifehacker that blogging service JournalSpace went under a few days ago because all of their data got erased!  More specifically, according to JournalSpace themselves: Journalspace is no more. Here is what happened: the server which held the journalspace data had two large drives in a RAID configuration. As data is written (such as saving an item to the database), it’s automatically copied to both drives, as a backup mechanism. The value of such a setup is that if… Continue reading


503rd Post Extravaganza

Earlier today I realized that I had passed the 500 post milestone, something I never would have dreamed about when I wrote my first post back in November 2005.  Turns out that #500 was my Productive Napping post.  A few months back when I realized that 500 was imminent, I thought to myself “I should do something special”.  Well, I clearly forgot. So tonight while watching the football games I decided to spend some time on the blog.  I am planning a huge overhaul designed… Continue reading


A Wacky End to ’08

It was New Year’s Eve.  Mike, George, and I would normally be out at a party, but because we were all sick and the weather sucked, we all were home resting.   Around 8 PM I woke up from a nap and made my way over to my computer to read my feeds, when I noticed all of our sites were down.  Not “down” per se, but all had a 500 Internal Server Error like the one below from the Pure Adapt site: Now, I’ve seen… Continue reading