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Tweet This

I just broke down and signed up for Twitter, but not for the reasons most people do.  I found the Twitter search EXTREMELY helpful today when my Thunderbird + Google Apps Gmail IMAP  email set up started giving me all sorts of errors.  No one had likely blogged about it yet (plus there’s no real good way to instantly search blogs), but in searching Twitter I found out that all sorts of people were having the same issues as me.  It was very re-assuring and… Continue reading


Does Anyone Get Autoweek Magazine?

We couldn’t figure out why we’ve been selling so many E-Z Detail Brushes.  This past weekend we sold like 20 when we normally would have sold around 2.  And the orders haven’t stopped since.  We’re backordered a bunch.  Oddly, many of the orders were solely for the brush.  We checked Google Analytics and noticed that many of the sales came from direct traffic (i.e. someone typing in www.DetailedImage.com), but that’s not totally abnormal. Then George randomly saw this image on a forum today.  I have… Continue reading


Small Businesses and Jobs

This is a follow-up thought on my last post about being an employee right now.  All of this has sort of led me to take a step back and see the true value of a job and the role that small businesses like ours play in people’s lives.  When you have a successful business you have the amazing opportunity and privilege to create jobs.  A few years ago, I would have said “big deal, if I don’t create a job there are a million other… Continue reading


Being an Employee Sucks Right Now

I am very grateful to be in the position that I am in with our company.   Our business hasn’t been impacted hardly at all by this recession – we’ve still been growing very fast, which probably would have been happening irrespective of the economy at large, much like I predicted. However, it seems like everyone else around me is sweating bullets about their job situation.  It’s pretty nuts.  It stresses me out just thinking about it.  If they don’t have a job, they can’t seem… Continue reading


Productivity – Where Have You Been?

About an hour ago I was dismissed from jury duty.  I don’t know exactly how it works elsewhere, but living in Albany County (the capital of New York State) you have to serve once every six years.  It used to be four years, so I served back in 2004.  I actually came really close to being selected to a criminal jury for a relatively high profile case – a local business who was robbed of $2.1 million. I was one of the last potential jurors… Continue reading


Pimp My Desktop

One of my favorite things to read are the Featured Desktop posts on Lifehacker.  For anyone who isn’t familiar, they basically take very unique Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop setups and explain how to configure your computer to look and act just like the featured desktop.   While they all vary quite a bit, the common link is that they all make work for the user incredibly more efficient than a standard desktop environment. All of these posts have led to me doing quite a bit… Continue reading


In Appreciation of My Favorite YE Bloggers

Oke Atatah recently wrote a really really nice post about what he’s learned from my blog.   At the end he wrote: Adam, my challenge to you is to write an appreciation to someone that you admire. I would love to see how far it goes. Thanks again for all you have done for me! This reminds me of my Something We Should Do More Of post from over the summer.  There are actually three young entrepreneur bloggers that I really admire.  I can’t really… Continue reading


Skidmore Round 2

I gave my “Entrepreneurship as a Career Choice” talk again yesterday at Skidmore.  Much like last semester, it was an amazing experience.  I revised my presentation a bit, and overall I thought I did a good job.   More than that though, it’s just an awesome feeling giving a talk and knowing that people are genuinely interested in what you have to say. Like last time, it started off with a 20 minute debate between the students about whether or not you should start a business… Continue reading


Unique Ways to Win Over Customers

I made two really unique online purchases recently, and neither had anything to do with the actual online experience.  In both cases it was what came with my item that really separated these retailers apart from the norm. The first was a pair of shoes I bought from Piperlime.   Instead of a crumpled up invoice and some coupons, all that was included was a nice envelope with three things in it:  a neatly folded invoice, a thank you note, and a return label: Here’s… Continue reading


What Does the Future Hold for E-Commerce?

A friend recently asked me this question in an email to help him with a project for school.  I thought my reply was worthy of a blog post and will hopefully warrant some discussion in the comments This is a really interesting question. I may be a bit biased considering that I own an e-commerce company, but I see a huge amount of growth ahead for e-commerce businesses.  In particular, I see the growth potential in e-commerce as very high relative to the growth in… Continue reading