Productivity – Where Have You Been?

About an hour ago I was dismissed from jury duty.  I don’t know exactly how it works elsewhere, but living in Albany County (the capital of New York State) you have to serve once every six years.  It used to be four years, so I served back in 2004.  I actually came really close to being selected to a criminal jury for a relatively high profile case – a local business who was robbed of $2.1 million. I was one of the last potential jurors dismissed, and I presume it was because I owned a business (they asked me questions about whether or not I could sympathize with a business losing that kind of money, which of course I could).

I wouldn’t have been all that upset had I been selected, but now that I’m out I’m looking forward to some uninterrupted productivity.  While our sales have been very good so far in 2009 and we’re coming along nicely on our new shopping cart platform, we’ve been doing it extremely short handed and in spite of a lot of crap getting in our way:

  • We all took vacations during January and early February, presumably because it would be our “slow time”
  • Unfortunately, both Greg and I were summoned for jury duty two weeks apart.  Greg was dismissed at the same stage in the juror selection process that I was.
  • I gave my second Skidmore talk, which – while very rewarding – does distract me from getting work done for the few days prior.
  • The talk was actually delayed because I had a nasty nasty cold that made it impossible for me to do anything but sleep for almost a week.  George had the cold prior to me, and Greg is just now getting over it.  Mike was in Mexico while we were all sick, so he managed to avoid the cold.

All of these things (combined with the bad weather) added up to there being many days where only one or two of us were available to ship orders and work the warehouse, meaning nothing else got done.

Now, when I look ahead on my schedule, I see NOTHING, which is exactly the way I want it.  We’re finally back to full productivity!

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