Does Anyone Get Autoweek Magazine?

We couldn’t figure out why we’ve been selling so many E-Z Detail Brushes.  This past weekend we sold like 20 when we normally would have sold around 2.  And the orders haven’t stopped since.  We’re backordered a bunch.  Oddly, many of the orders were solely for the brush.  We checked Google Analytics and noticed that many of the sales came from direct traffic (i.e. someone typing in, but that’s not totally abnormal.

Then George randomly saw this image on a forum today.  I have no idea why someone would scan in an image so small (you can’t read anything, here’s the link to the orignial), but look at the very bottom and you can see a picture of the E-Z Detail Brush and “”:

Detailed Image in Autoweek

Excited, I went to Barnes and Noble and Borders and was unable to find the magazine at either one (despite the fact that the auto sections have like 200 different auto mags).  I looked pretty hard, but it’s possible I could have missed it.   If you or someone you know happens to be a subscriber, I would be eternally grateful if you could scan in at a high resolution and send it to me at adam [at] pureadapt [dot] com.  I want to plaster “featured in Autoweek” all over our site and in our newsletters, but we need a decent copy of it first.  In the meantime my partners and I will try to hunt it down.

Regardless, gotta love free publicity!  Especially considering that they charge $34k for a full page ad!

4 comments on Does Anyone Get Autoweek Magazine?

  1. Dave says:

    Congrats! Although it doesn’t sound like it would be a worth a $34k investment! Then again, who pays the premium rate 😉

  2. Adam Gilbert says:

    Adam – Congrats! This is amazing! I’m going to check for you in a Borders here in NYC. They might have it. If so I’ll pick up a copy for you and mail it to you. But first…let me see if they have it!

  3. Adam McFarland says:

    @Dave – yea, I don’t think anyone actually pays that much…I know if I negotiated with them I’d never ever ever pay anything close to that.

    @Adam – that’s awesome dude! Very much appreciated!

  4. […] who scanned us a copy also told us that it is a subscriber-only magazine, which would explain why scouring every Barnes & Noble and Borders in upstate NY was a fruitless effort (special thanks to Adam Gilbert who also checked down in NYC for […]

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