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I just broke down and signed up for Twitter, but not for the reasons most people do.  I found the Twitter search EXTREMELY helpful today when my Thunderbird + Google Apps Gmail IMAP  email set up started giving me all sorts of errors.  No one had likely blogged about it yet (plus there’s no real good way to instantly search blogs), but in searching Twitter I found out that all sorts of people were having the same issues as me.  It was very re-assuring and time saving.  I didn’t see any posts on the Gmail Google Groups so I may have thought it was me and wasted time messing around with my configuration.  Instead, I’ll just wait until it’s resolved and use Gmail online in the meantime.

This was when I had my “ah-ha” Twitter moment.  I don’t really care about keeping up with my friends all day long, but I do care about using it for breaking news, especially down-time for the web services I consume on a regular basis.  There’s just no other way to search in real-time that compares.  And if I’m using Twitter, my tweets will hopefully help others in the same way that their tweets helped me today.

My largest commented blog post was when PayPal subscriptions went down, mostly because I was the first to jump on the story and other people found it through search.  Imagine if Twitter was more popular back then (I say “back then” as if 2007 is a long time ago).  The information would have spread much faster via Twitter, and more people would have been able to communicate on the issue faster and more effectively.

So that’s why I signed up.

My URL is

I plan on “tweeting” a lot of the misc stuff that I don’t bother posting on this blog but still might be helpful to people.  I’m also going to add the feed to my sidebar so you can just skim the updates as you read if you don’t want to stalk my every move all day long.

7 comments on Tweet This

  1. Adam Gilbert says:

    HAHAHAH I was just going to email you and tell you that ya gotta do it man! I have a post coming about twitter soon, too!

    That is very weird! I literally was about to draft an email to you to tell you to sign up but first checked your blog…call it esp.

  2. Adam Gilbert says:

    Btw follow me! 🙂

  3. Adam McFarland says:

    Weird…I’m following you now too 🙂

  4. Leigh says:

    I recently signed up for Twitter because a lot of other freelance writers have been using it to find business. I haven’t found any new clients yet, but I have found a Web designer, graphic designer, and business coach.

  5. Rory says:

    Glad to see you’ve joined the masses on this thing called Twitter.

    You just got another follower..

  6. Adam McFarland says:

    Thanks Rory 🙂

    @Leigh – never thought about using it for that, but it’s probably a really good way to find business.

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