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Forum Posting Guidelines

This is another awesome guest post from my business partner Greg, following up on the post he did while I was on vacation This article is a follow up to my Forum Marketing for E-Commerce, which encouraged you to try forum marketing. After you have found a forum and signed up as a sponsor, someone within your company should be in charge of posting. My previous article has some marketing suggestions while this article is more of a general guideline. Below I have outlined some… Continue reading


A Defining Customer Service Experience

Shipping is a total pain in the ass.  If you require your customers sign for their packages, they complain because they aren’t home to sign.  If you don’t make them sign, they claim packages were never delivered and you have no recourse.  If you let them choose (which is what we plan on doing with our new cart), you’ll still have complaints.  Whether it’s FedEx or UPS or (especially) USPS, the problems are all the same for anyone who ships goods to consumers. One of… Continue reading


Accomplishing a Daunting Task

Our ’09 goal to revamp our e-commerce platform and build what we consider to be the all around best e-commerce platform on the web is obviously not an easy one.  In fact, it’s a really really challenging goal.  Most notably, because of our lack of resources available (money, people, time, etc).  It truly is a daunting task. When I wrote the post outlining this goal a few weeks back, we hadn’t yet started on developing the project.  We’d meticulously studied the best shopping experiences on… Continue reading