Trimming the Fat

Since we made the decision last week to launch our revamped Detailed Image by early April, I have been programming my brains out.  I’ve probably worked more hours in the last two weeks than I have in any two week stretch since 2007.  While there’s definitely some stress involved with that, there is also a really good by-product of doing it:  being busy forces me to trim out all of the unimportant stuff that I spend my time on.

I’ve cut the number of feeds in my feed reader in half, stopped playing video games or reading books, have been taking advantage of all of my 13 Ways to Find More Time in ’09, and definitely been working the productive nap to account for a little less sleep each night.  Pretty much everything has been temporarily eliminated other than eating healthy, going to the gym, having dinner at least once a week with my parents, and spending some time with my girlfriend.

It’s sort of like a forced Spring cleaning.  In a way it’s therapeutic – focusing on less things makes life simpler and reduces stress, which offsets the pressure of a deadline (or at least reduces the stress a bit).  In a month or two when I have more time, I’ll probably force myself to downshift by going back to my productive output guidelines and at that time I’ll figure out which things I want to start doing again and which ones I really don’t need.

I think being able to handle times like these are crucial to being an entrepreneur.  If you’re not able to temporarily block out  all of the crap that life can throw at you, the stress can drive you insane.

5 comments on Trimming the Fat

  1. Oaks says:

    It is so refreshing man. When I took a break from the internet for 2 weeks I got so many things done. I also was able to eliminate tons of podcast, blog post reading, and to simplify my life. Now that I have more time and back on the internet. I have to go through another transformation of having a balance life style of fun and play and where I get what I want done while I have free time away from work.

  2. Adam McFarland says:

    Oke – I’m so jealous that you have up the internet for 2 weeks! That post was one of your best. Not exactly something I can try right now, but DEFINITELY something I will try 🙂

  3. Oaks says:

    Thanks Adam for the kind words. I’ll keep writing similar post to that one. Good luck on your own. You will notice how free you are of distractions and will get tons of things done and also have more time than you thought you had.

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