Why Don’t All News Sites Have This?

The other day I noticed that SportsIllustrated.com has an awesome feature on all of their stories: a bulleted list of “story highlights” in the upper-right hand corner of the page.

Sports Illustrated Story Highlights

SI.com is owned by CNN, so CNN also has the same “story highlights”.  I’m actually surprised that more news sites don’t have this feature.  I normally scan 95% of the articles I click on just to pick up the key points that they have so neatly summarized for me up on top.  For most stories, that’s all I want.  Brilliant!

2 comments on Why Don’t All News Sites Have This?

  1. Tim says:

    This has become an internet phenomenon and some argue it can lead to detrimental habits. I have mixed feelings about “cliff notes,” in one hand I do like to get the largest volume of information in the shortest amount of time, in the other hand I do miss the details, and subtle nuances of reading articles. I even find myself just skimming articles and text on line, catch a few sentences on each paragraph and only continue if it seems very interesting. I can see good and bad in this, in the long run, I suspect it will lead to a further regression of people reading, and more importantly paying attention. Which in itself is not a big deal, however, I can easily see the media using this tactic to manipulate information more so then they already do and we would be no wiser.

  2. Adam McFarland says:

    Tim –

    You definitely bring up a great point. I find myself doing the same thing you do. I have to consciously tell myself to switch from “skim mode” to “real reading mode” when I see something I really want to read. For me, it’s also a computer thing. If it’s in print (either a magazine or book) I’m much better at reading every word than I am when viewing something on the screen.


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