Just Having Fun

Kind of a random quick spontaneous post here.

This past week has been the most fun I’ve ever had running a business.  Part of it is seeing the positive results of what we’ve done.  We’ve accomplished everything as a team, and accomplishments are always better when you have people to share them with…especially when you all went through the ups and downs together.  Even more so though, I think it’s the infinite potential that I see now, both for DI and other upcoming projects.  It’s just so much fun waking up every day.  I find myself still working long hours, even though I could dial it down a bit.  Not sure how long it’ll last, but for now all I really feel like doing all day long is growing our company.  It doesn’t seem like work at all, which is a good feeling to have.  I think it’s common for the first few months, but to feel like this a few years into it is awesome.

I’ve already been able to add a bunch of minor features to DI (mostly on the back end), I’m starting to start doing some non-programming (i.e. marketing) projects, I’m working on redesigning and revamping my blog, and I’m starting to work on some side projects.  And I see the light at the end of the tunnel to start using our e-commerce platform on other sites, which is when it will really shine.   In particular, the poker and fitness sections of Tastefully Driven have really done well.  We have solid customer bases already in both, and we have relationships with A+ vendors, so in the next year or two we’re really going to try to establish ourselves in those industries.  The idea of building a web app in conjunction with an e-commerce store really intrigues me as a potentially great business idea  – bring users in with the web app, and have the store along side of it instead of ads or premium accounts.  Both fitness and poker have huge unmet needs when it comes to web apps.   All of these sites will tie back into one product management/inventory system, and all will show on Tastefully Driven and be sold on Amazon under the TD name (as we do with all of our products now), which is when TD could really explode.  There’s a much bigger vision here than just detailing, and the massive potential that comes with that just excites the hell out of me.