Broncos Tickets in Hand [NFL Season Ticket Experiment]

Finally.  I just received the two pairs of Broncos season tickets in the mail.

I have one person interested in them (friend of a friend) so I’ll give him first dibs.  If not, we’ll probably throw them up on StubHub.  The good news is that the Broncos season ticket waiting list is up to 28,000 and the wait is 13 – 15 years.  The bad news is that the economy (or perceived economy) stinks so it might be a little tougher to sell than I originally anticipated.  Not to mention, Mike and I both agreed that we’d rather sell the entire season as a package as opposed to splitting them up into individual game sales (1 or 2 transactions vs potentially 20 transactions).  Maybe next year when we have some more time on our hands to experiment with that. That 50% ROI might not be as realistic as 20% or 30%.

Nonetheless, I’ll still post the progress and hopefully show that with relatively little effort and minimal risk one can make a solid return on NFL season tickets.  Here are some pics of the ticket booklets:

Denver Broncos Season Tickets
Denver Broncos Season Tickets

10 comments on Broncos Tickets in Hand [NFL Season Ticket Experiment]

  1. Jakob says:

    thanks for free tix to games one and two 🙂

    you might want to cover up those bar codes

  2. Dale says:

    Adam… I might try what you’re doing with Green Bay Packer tickets, after I get them in 91 years according to my projections:

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Ha awesome Dale! Didn’t realize you had another blog. Mike and I got on the Packers waiting list recently as well. I figure that there’s a good chance my grand kid will be able to make some money off the tickets when he gets them in 2101 🙂

  3. jrandom42 says:

    Too bad Kyle Orton and the defense is gonna get torched in the season opener. Gonna be a long season for Josh McDaniels and Pat Bowlen.

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  5. Jeff H says:

    How has the experiment been going so far? With the team 4-0, I’d guess that prices are going up from what was expected?

  6. Adam McFarland says:

    Jeff –

    Yes, it has gone very well so far. I’ve been meaning to post again about it but I figured I’d wait until we unloaded the remainder of the tickets. We’ve only got a few games left. We made some mistakes, but overall should make a few hundred bucks each despite the many mistakes we made. Hopefully the team will continue to play well – as of now I’m leaning towards doing next season considering how late we got our tix and all we learned. I’ll follow up with a more detailed breakdown once the rest of the tix go.

    All the best,


  7. Jeff H says:

    Cool, thanks for the update Adam. Looking forward to hearing the detailed breakdown later after all tix are sold.

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