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New Detailed Image Home Page

In an effort to continuously improve our conversion rate, Mike recently re-designed our Detailed Image homepage. While there was nothing wrong with the old one, we know that the majority of customers are there to shop so we wanted to emphasize the things important to shopping – browsing, searching, our Daily/Monthly Specials – while subtly de-emphasizing the rest. Make no mistake – this isn’t exactly a science. It’s educated guesswork. We know that most users on the old homepage clicked those things so we decided… Continue reading


The People that Ruin Blogging for Me

A few weeks back Nev wrote a post asking for feedback from his readers about his blog and himself in general.  In the comments someone mentioned that they wished he would post more about his e-commerce site, House of Rave. He responded: I sincerely wish I could post more about House Of Rave since I love writing about it. I’ve refrained quite a lot to reveal less to competitors and avoid copycats. There is a DIRECT correlation between how much I write about my business… Continue reading


Quitting a Job is an Emotional Rollercoaster [Flashback]

From time to time I’m going to be re-posting some of my favorite posts from the old SportsLizard Entrepreneur Blog that preceded  I was fresh out of academia and in the process of leaving corporate America.  This was the true start-up phase for myself, my sites, and later Pure Adapt. This post is a compilation of quotes and statements from January 2006 that I find particularly interesting looking back in retrospect.  I was in the process of quitting my job, moving from CT back… Continue reading


The New Brazen Careerist Launches Today

Young entrepreneurship blogging networks are an interesting concept to me.  Over the past several years of blogging I’ve developed a lot of great relationships with other young, passionate business owners.  When I sit back and think about it, I’ve met the majority of them through one of the blogging networks I’ve participated in, primarily either the (now semi-defunct) Mind Petals, or the Brazen Careerist.  They syndicate my posts and pass me new readers,  I provide them with relevant content, and they give me new exposure… Continue reading


Computing in 2019

On my way to work I’ve been listening to a bunch of the Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Podcasts. They are all fascinating. I feel like it’s such a better use of my time than just listening to music. I actually look forward to my drives because these talks just turn my creative side loose. The Vinod Khosla lecture was particularly fascinating. Khosla is best known for starting Sun Microsystems, but he currently is making waves in cleantech and other environmentally friendly technologies with his VC… Continue reading


Z.ips.ME Featured on Read Write Web!

Today Z.ips.ME was featured in a Read Write Web article entitled You Don’t Need, & Co.: Just Host Your Own URL Shortener. The author, Frederic Lardinois, mentions both Z.ips.ME and Shorty as alternatives to the 3rd party URL shortening services. This is really really cool! I’m so thankful that RWW (specifically Frederic) took the time to install Z.ips.ME and write about it on such a popular blog. RWW, along with Lifehacker, are my two “must-read” technology blogs. RWW is one of the world’s… Continue reading


Warehouse Hockey & Company Culture

Last year I wrote about how we use our shipping dock as a hockey goal.  For a while it was fun to just blast shots at the goal.  Then it was fun to try to score a goal from real far away.  Then it was fun to put up targets with pictures of our least favorite vendors.  But alas, all of that grew old.  So Greg and I set out to make up a new game to entertain us when we didn’t feel like working. … Continue reading


Z.ips.ME Launched!

After URL shortening service closed and then re-opened this week due to the public backlash, I thought it would be a good time to release Z.ips.ME, the URL shortener for PHP & MySQL that I started working on a few months back. We’ve been using it internally for our Twitter accounts and it’s worked fantastic. Of course, a few other developers had the exact same thought, so I doubt that this thing will really take off. As was discussed in that first post, the… Continue reading


More Going Green…

After the last post I thought to myself “man, since we have that link on the footer of every page, we should probably make a specific Going Green page instead of just linking to the blog post”. Something we’d talked about before but never did. I decided to tackle it today. A much better/simpler representation of our Going Green program:


Our Going Green Program

On the footer of the Detailed Image site you’ll notice an icon with a link to our “Going Green Program”. The link goes to a blog post that Greg wrote earlier this year describing some of our environmentally friendly practices. Starting this week, we’re making this a little more known to our customers. On the bottom of every invoice is the following image: Aside from using the biodegradable packing peanuts and 100% recycled paper, there are several other things that we’re doing: In addition to… Continue reading