Put a Site Up This Weekend, Generate Revenue Next Week

Rancho Photos San Diego

After I posted about my Broncos tickets arriving, reader Jakob quickly notified me to cover up the bar codes on the two tickets I showed in the image.  I emailed him to thank him and we got into a pretty interesting conversation about a business he just started.  The business is a real estate photo service in San Diego called Rancho Photos.  He’s a full time engineering grad student in San Diego, so he’s able to do this while still meeting quite a few other responsibilities. Here are a few interesting quotes from our conversation (republished with his permission):

Getting that first phone call was such a rush.  I’m still amazed how easy it was to get this business going.  Put up the website, run some adwords ads, boom people start calling.

Maybe [you doing a blog post about it] will get someone else to take that leap of faith and start their business idea.  It really is super-easy to get started.  You have all these people coming up with business ideas.  Why not at least try?  Worst case, you’ll learn a ton, have a great story, and won’t ever wonder, “what if”.

He’s a perfect example of just how easy it can be, especially if the company is a local niche service like Jakob’s.  Sometimes people (myself included) tend to over-analyze or over-plan.  In business, you just never know what will work and what won’t, so the best solution is to just give it a shot with as little upfront time, effort, and money as possible (see my Funding Your First Business post for more).

If it works and generates revenue, you’ve got a business you can grow and expand based on your early experiences (instead of hypothetical “what if’s”).  If it doesn’t, you can move on to other opportunities without having spent a ton of time or money.

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  1. Robert K says:

    That’s a fantastic motivation of a post! I’m in the midst of figuring out a business plan to get out of the 8-5, and definitely find myself over analyzing my options rather than making it happen. Thanks to Jakob for the reminder that a business won’t succeed if it never starts.

  2. Tim says:

    You are spot on about never knowing if a concept will thrive, survive or nose dive! There are no guarantees about a business in this life, a great business plan may look good on paper, but may fail in reality… you just never know unless you try. The flip side of that coin are the side line entrepreneurs, those who think it’s so easy, come up with an idea or concept and BOOM, instant success with no planning/research – HA!

  3. Dale says:

    Actually another type of “entrepreneur” I’ve seen is one that has all these great ideas, but never takes the initiative to do anything about it. It’s either “I don’t have the time/money” or “I came up with the idea, now you execute it.” (I talk about it at http://corporatepreneur.blogspot.com/2009/01/wrong-way-to-do-it.html )

    It’s great to see a story like this one… The RIGHT way to do it!

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Dale – great post, I remember that one. Very frustrating talking to people like that. One thing I realized very early on – EVERYONE is excited about entrepreneurship, EVERYONE wants to start a company, EVERYONE will talk about starting a company. Very few people have the follow through to do it.

  4. bizsugar.com says:

    Don’t overthink your small business idea…

    Adam McFarland of Musings of a Balding 26 Year Old Entrepreneur has the following observation about over thinking your small business idea. Don’t do it! Using reprinted portions of a conversation with a San Diego entrepreneur, McFarland makes the case…

  5. Robert L. Goodwin says:

    Jakob photos are beautiful.
    No wonder he’s getting all those business calls.

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Agreed. He definitely is extremely talented and the website is very well done. I think those are pre-requisites for a successful biz. But there are a lot of talented photographers who never cash in on their skills. Jakob is the perfect example of someone who is doing it without expending a ton of time or money.

  6. Jakob says:

    Thanks Adam and everyone for the great feedback and encouragement! Life’s too short not to try things. Throw enough stuff at the wall, you’ll find something that sticks.

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