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On the footer of the Detailed Image site you’ll notice an icon with a link to our “Going Green Program”. The link goes to a blog post that Greg wrote earlier this year describing some of our environmentally friendly practices.

Detailed Image Going Green

Starting this week, we’re making this a little more known to our customers. On the bottom of every invoice is the following image:

Aside from using the biodegradable packing peanuts and 100% recycled paper, there are several other things that we’re doing:

  • In addition to our garbage dumpster, we’ve added a multi-purpose recycling dumpster that allows us to recycle cardboard, plastic, paper, etc all in one dumpster.  We run through a lot of water bottles, food packaging, and miscellaneous paper that previously may have been trashed.  By comparison, our trash dumpster is about 1/3 of the size of our recycling dumpster, which goes to show just how much of the material that passes through the warehouse is recyclable.
  • The only printing that we do on a regular basis is for the invoice and label for each order.  The labels are printed on a printer we got from FedEx so there’s no waste – the label fits the exact size of the paper used to feed it.  All of our records are kept electronically.  We’re as close as we can be to being “paperless”.
  • When vendors ship us orders, we recycle the cardboard in our dumpster, and pay forward the packing material and pallets via Freecycle.
  • We’ve made several upgrades to the warehouse to minimize energy usage, including adding insulation and buying a programmable thermostat.

Each of these things align with our philosophy of “doing the right thing” whenever possible. Don’t get me wrong, doing the right thing has other positive benefits – namely positive PR. Some things like minimizing energy consumption also save us money. But other things, like the peanuts, paper, and dumpster are extra expenses that could easily be reduced by buying less environmentally friendly products or throwing recyclables in with the trash. I can’t speak for everyone else, but the reason that I push for doing these things is because they are just the right thing to do. Without an exorbitant financial or time expenditure, we’re able to do our own little part to contribute to saving the environment. And hopefully if we grow to be big enough, set an example for other companies to follow.

Posted on August 13th, 2009 in Green

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  1. Oke says:

    My girlfriend turned me on to recycling. I kept at it and noticed that I change my trash can once or twice a month. Recycling is something that is good for the environment, but also nice for the individual. Yall can probably make some money of the recycling, but it may not be worth it. Yall should probably do a video or something to let people know about what yall are doing.

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