Z.ips.ME Launched!

After URL shortening service tr.im closed and then re-opened this week due to the public backlash, I thought it would be a good time to release Z.ips.ME, the URL shortener for PHP & MySQL that I started working on a few months back.

We’ve been using it internally for our Twitter accounts and it’s worked fantastic. Of course, a few other developers had the exact same thought, so I doubt that this thing will really take off. As was discussed in that first post, the easily replicable nature of the project makes it the type of thing that probably isn’t worth trying to monetize, but still worth making available to anyone who wants it. Hopefully at least a few other businesses/developers will find it as useful as we have.

Here are a few screenshots of the admin section for anyone curious about what it looks like once installed.

The main page, where you can create a new link and see a summary of existing links:

Z.ips.ME screen shot

The stats available for each link:

Z.ips.ME screen shot

If anyone has the time to take it for a spin I’d love to hear your feedback – either in the comments below or via email.

2 comments on Z.ips.ME Launched!

  1. Ted says:

    Hi Adam

    I had a similar service running, I set it up and forgot it. it tended to only be used by spammers and ended up blacklisted. Due to the lack of revenue streams I didn’t worry about getting it straightened out. I forget the name of the blacklisting service that allows you to check the urls against known spammers.

    One idea I had for monetization was to run a spider against the shortened urls and if the page wasn’t returned over a period of time then to swap the link out for my own version of a 404 page.

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