Z.ips.ME Featured on Read Write Web!

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Today Z.ips.ME was featured in a Read Write Web article entitled You Don’t Need Bit.ly, Tr.im & Co.: Just Host Your Own URL Shortener. The author, Frederic Lardinois, mentions both Z.ips.ME and Shorty as alternatives to the 3rd party URL shortening services.

This is really really cool! I’m so thankful that RWW (specifically Frederic) took the time to install Z.ips.ME and write about it on such a popular blog. RWW, along with Lifehacker, are my two “must-read” technology blogs. RWW is one of the world’s 20 most popular blogs and was named one of the web’s top 100 most influential websites. It’s such a rush to see a project like this get their attention.

Much like with Music-Alerts, I only spent 1 hour marketing Z.ips.ME. In a future post I’ll outline exactly what to do to get your site/app noticed with one hour of time. If it’s an even relatively interesting site it’ll catch the attention of someone. From there, it’s up to you to grow it and market it into a productive business (if you so choose). But most people complain that getting that first wave of eye balls is hard. Trust me, it isn’t.

Anyway, thanks again to RWW! This definitely made my day 🙂