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It’s Holiday Time!

Coming off of last year’s successful holiday season, I’m really pumped for this year.  We have two busy times of the year: spring time and the holidays.  Spring is super busy because that’s when the weather starts to get nice and people start spending money on their cars.  Detailed Image is the place to be.  From a strict revenue standpoint, if we we weren’t growing so fast, spring would probably be our busiest time of the year (now we grow so much every few months… Continue reading


Hiring Within Your Network

Yesterday I spent my day training Charlie, our second part time warehouse employee.  Like John, he picked everything up very quickly and by the end of the day was able to do 90% of the work without asking a question.  And like with John, this is partly because he’s a very intelligent guy and partly because we did a good job of designing systems that set him up for success. I think we’re now pretty confident that any hard working, smart person can be up… Continue reading


What I Learned From Listening to 21 Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Podcasts

Over the past month or so I listened to 21 of the Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader podcasts.   I had heard they were great  from a few people so I made a MP3 CD of all of the recent ones that intrigued me and left the CD in my car to listen to anytime I was driving.  Each podcast is the full hour long lecture that was given to students in the class. It really is amazing how anyone in the world now has access… Continue reading


Worst Question Ever: Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

I’m not really sure why they ask this question during interviews. The truth is, no one knows where they’ll be in 5 years.  There are just too many variables that you as an individual cannot account for: the economy, tech innovation, the lives of your friends and family, and all of the other random twists and turns that life throws at us. Five years ago (9/15/2004): I was in the  final semester of my senior year of college. I had just accepted my engineering job,… Continue reading


One More Little Shipping Improvement

Oke had a good suggestion for our shipping estimate feature in the comments on yesterday’s shipping post: The only thing I will add is to also place the actual day with the date the package will get to the destination. In that case, people wouldn’t have to look at the calendar to see which day it actually arrives Honestly, that never crossed my mind…I was more focused on saving space. It totally makes sense. Seeing “Mon 9/14” is a lot more helpful than just “9/14”…. Continue reading


Our Exhaustive Shipping Project – What We Learned and What New Features We Added

Today we launched some really cool new shipping features on Detailed Image.  They were a cumulation of about a month long shipping project that we took on.  It was really the one big thing that we wanted to make sure that we got done before the holidays.  Shipping options are just so important to customers that you’d have to be crazy not to be regularly reviewing and improving how you ship. The Study Like most online retailers, we didn’t have a good understanding of how… Continue reading


Be Your Own Target Market

Totally unrelated to the topic of the post: I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing.  I sat down next to the only available outlet, about three feet away from a middle-aged guy who’s on a Skype video chat.  I’ve never rushed faster to boot up my computer and throw my headphones on.  He’s all geared up in his headset, just chatting away like the person on the other line is sitting on the other side of the coffee shop.  Everyone can hear his conversation.  He’s… Continue reading


Simple Solutions to Simple Problems

If you’re a Windows user, do you ever use Notepad? If so, how often? My guess is that you use it and that you use it frequently. At least I know that my partners and I do. Why though? We all have Google Docs access. We all have Open Office Writer installed on our computer. The answer lies in it’s simplicity. It opens super fast, doesn’t auto format any of my text, and saves tiny .txt files. I use it for quick to-do lists, to… Continue reading