One More Little Shipping Improvement

Oke had a good suggestion for our shipping estimate feature in the comments on yesterday’s shipping post:

The only thing I will add is to also place the actual day with the date the package will get to the destination. In that case, people wouldn’t have to look at the calendar to see which day it actually arrives

Honestly, that never crossed my mind…I was more focused on saving space. It totally makes sense. Seeing “Mon 9/14” is a lot more helpful than just “9/14”. Anyway, I just put it in place, changing this…

Detailed Image Shipping Estimate

to this…

Detailed Image Shipping Estimate

Definitely an improvement. Thanks Oke!

3 comments on One More Little Shipping Improvement

  1. Oke says:

    Glad I can help! I think you should be getting tons of positive feedback from your customers.

  2. Nev says:

    This is why I like posting biz updates on the blog, for “duh” feedback that we tend to overlook when making updates ourselves.

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Yup. The feedback I get on here from everyone is invaluable. Sometimes my partners and I are so focused on certain aspects that we miss the obvious. Our employee John has helped us with a lot of stuff in the warehouse. He’ll come in and say ‘why don’t you guys just…?’ and we’re like ‘how did we not think of that???’

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