New to DI: Ask a Pro Detailer, Weekly Free Product

New Detailed Image Home Page

After spending most of January getting rid of things (Tastefully Driven, Amazon, and international shipping), it’s time to start rolling out some of the new stuff.

For the second time in less than six months, we just unveiled a major change to the Detailed Image home page.  The intent is to have a little more uniformity and a little more focus on our content.  I’d imagine that detailing is a rather unique industry in that people who read our content tend to buy more (as measured by several metrics, such as Google Analytics $index) than those who jump right to the product pages. It makes sense – detailing is complex enough that one tends to want to buy more products once they understand exactly how each one is used in the overall detailing process in conjunction with other products.

Armed with that knowledge, we’re officially launching our Ask a Pro Detailer blog.  George has been heading this up for several months now.  We have several of the best pro detailers writing great content for us.  Without any hype posts have been trickling out over the past few months just to gauge the response. So far, so good: they’ve been getting commented pretty regularly, have been ranking high in Google very quickly, and have continued to prove our theory that great content = more educated customers = larger purchases.  We also rolled out a Find a Detailer Map where we’ll feature the pros that we work closely with and that we know do high quality work.

Now we’ve officially moved it to the top-right of the home page and plan on regularly tying content into our promotions. For example, if we know that we’re getting a new product in stock, we’ll make sure that one of our detailers has a write-up and how-to guide to go along with our announcement.  Same goes for products we’re putting on sale. It’s just in it’s infancy, but this could end up being the single best marketing thing we’ve ever done if we’re able to steadily add new writers and continue to pump out quality content (hopefully adding videos to the mix in the near future too).  We could essentially become a “wikipedia for detailing” both in the amount of content and the high search engine rankings.

The other big announcement is the “Free Weekly Special” to go along with the Daily Special.  We did a free product week in September and it was very well received.  Instead of using a coupon code for 15% off, customers seemed to gravitate towards preferring to pay full price and then receive a free item that is the rough equivalent of that 15% off.  So we decided to make it a regular feature.  People who like the discounts can still use the discounts, but people who like free stuff also can have that as an option.

Every Wednesday morning an automated script picks an item from our database (only certain items are eligible) and creates a coupon code to get the item for free.  There’s a minimum spend on the coupon code that is calculated based upon our cost on the item.  It will be interesting to see how well it goes over.  I hope it works – I think it’s very cool – but I wouldn’t be shocked if it confused customers or created a lot of complaints (i.e. “I have a 10% off coupon code and I want to use that coupon and the free product coupon code even though it says you only allow one coupon per purchase”).  We’ll see.  I’m certainly excited for it’s potential.

The other minor change (that might not turn out to be so minor) is that we’re now featuring a random customer testimonial in the left-nav on every single page.  Previously we just had one little spot on the home page.  This should help convert first-time customers that find us through search or other impersonal methods.

Later this week I hope to be able to announce our new site that we’ll be launching later this year.  It’s pretty far along in development and I’m feeling pretty good about it’s potential to generate significant revenue for us.  Then I’ll try to step back and dive in to our overall philosophy moving forward. 

What a fast pace so far this year! It’s pretty awesome.

3 comments on New to DI: Ask a Pro Detailer, Weekly Free Product

  1. Rob says:

    Awesome new additions! I hope they work well for you 🙂

    Looking at the screenshot stopped me in my steps for a second there – my name is right in the coupon code!

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Haha that’s great. Totally random. It’s auto generated: WS (for weekly special) + LEATH (first five letters of the product name) + 04 (4th week of the year) + 10 (2010).

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