New Essay: SEO & Web Marketing For New Web Ventures

While we’re in the process of consolidating our sites, I decided to do something I’ve long been intending to do: put the final nail in the coffin of Faceup-Sites and create an essay to replace the downloadable e-book that was what remained of the site. That e-book was very exhaustive and had some really good information. The problem was that I hadn’t updated it since July of 2008, and in the web world that’s an eternity.

So I re-wrote it to match the style of the Web Design & Development for Business essay: a quick read that is in a format that’s hopefully easy for people of any level to understand…and is also easy for me to update. I’ve updated that web development essay countless times already with little things here and there, and it takes only a few seconds compared to the total pain of updating a downloadable PDF e-book. Plus now it’s available to everyone to read and reference instead of requiring a form to be filled out to download.

Anyway, the essay is called SEO & Web Marketing For New Web Ventures. Every page of now redirects to the essay. Check it out and let me know what you guys think and if there’s anything I missed or should improve. Here’s the table of contents: