Free Weekly Special off to a Great Start

I like it when I’m wrong but in a good way.

On Monday when we announced some new Detailed Image features, I wasn’t sure how the Free Weekly Special would go over. Essentially we’ll always have a coupon code on our home page for a free product. The minimum spend to get the free product is determined by our cost of the product (cheaper products have a lower min spend, more expensive ones have a higher min spend).

Well, so far so good. The Chemical Guys Citrus Wash code has been coming through like crazy. We had a huge Wednesday (generally the slowest day of the week) almost solely because that’s the day that this special started.

The $35 price point isn’t too high either. I think a min spend in the $25 – $50 price range is the sweet spot, but I could be proven wrong. We’ll see how it goes and adjust our product availability accordingly.

I’m really excited to see where we can take this from here. The automated nature of things like this and our Daily Special provide us with new content and promotions without having to lift a finger. Really, the potential for these types of promotions is only limited by our imagination.

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