7 comments on The Web App Launch Emotional Rollercoaster

  1. Dave says:

    Where is the “like” button haha. Good stuff.

  2. Rob says:

    haha, excellent. Does this relate to your new service launching in May?

    Also, first glimpse at Adam’s handwriting – any graphologists here to give us some insight?

    • Adam McFarland says:

      It does relate to LockerPulse a bit. I’m in the middle of the mundane programming (user registrations, login, remembering the user between sessions, stuff like that) and it does bring you down a little bit. Pretty much all of the sites I’ve launched, and all of the sites I’ve seen friends launch have gone something like that, albeit maybe not quite as extreme 🙂

      Haha yea I’m a lefty…writing is painful for me. That’s the most I’ve written in years…

    • Tim says:

      I’ve studied graphology a little bit, from what I know and what I see here it would be very difficult to draw any solid conclusions from this sample for a number of reasons. With that said I don’t see anything unhealthy, or too unusual. The spacing looks good, the letters as a whole look normal, a few oddities which would make a larger sample helpful. For example on the left hand side, the “I miss having a job” I think was perhaps poorly chosen and Adam may not really feel that is the best wording for that position, it is the only open “o” I see on this page and the letters look a touch sharper then other letters on the page, other letter are more rounded and the o’s are closed… then again on a sample of this size it could just be coincidental. The only other really odd thing I see is the lower case n’s, I don’t recall what that means, but it’s a little unusual. The slant is very neutral, from what I would guess Adam does not typically make decisions based on emotion exclusively, nor is he cold hearted and ruthless. The slant and angle is typical, from my experience, of successful entrepreneurs, they are still human beings, but not driven exclusively by emotion.

      A few things skew my assessment, first of all I know Adam personally. Secondly it’s a two axis graph written on graph paper, not an ideal source for analyzing writting. Also, Adam admitted that he has not written in a long time, it’s EXTREMELY hard to draw conclusions from small samples and even harder when the person does not write regularly. Your writting will change significantly if you write even a few hundred words a day for a week or so, in particular if you become attuned to looking for subtle changes.

      That’s my take, as an amatuer graphologist.

  3. Tim says:

    That is fantastic – though it hits a little too close to home!

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