Lay Bricks

My good friend Adam Gilbert wrote recently on the My Body Tutor blog:

When you give it your all every day, not only do you feel awesome for having done so, but you are making progress.

And at the end of the day, I’ve never felt better from taking a day off of laying bricks than I have from a hard days work of laying them. Ever.

One brick at a time.

That’s so true. That article was in the context of dieting and exercising, but it just as easily applies to entrepreneurship.

I enjoy taking time off. But I never quite enjoy it as much as the feeling I get after a hard day’s work. It doesn’t get any better than going to bed knowing I’ve done my very best for the day. It feels great knowing that whatever I worked on is one little tiny bit better than it was when the day began. I value hard work…in myself and in the people around me.

Increasingly as we learn more and more about what makes us as humans happy, we’re becoming aware that those who are work hard, believe in their work, and achieve things they believe in, are happier than those who don’t. To be honest, that’s so obvious that we really don’t even need studies to tell us this.

Yet somehow this value seems to be one that is increasingly lost in our current culture. It’s sad that I can honestly say I know plenty of people who have never put forth their full effort into anything. There are so many variables that you can not control in life and in business. One of the few that you can control is your work ethic.

2 comments on Lay Bricks

  1. Neville says:

    I’m currently ON the MyBodyTutor program, and I get these kind of posts everyday and they’re GREAT.

    Some of the quotes I write down and stick above my computer.

    I think he posts most of the one’s he sends clients…but I don’t think all of them.

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Nev – your six-pack experiment is a great advertisement for how good Adam’s program can be when someone is determined to reach their goals.

      In general, his writing is definitely some of the most inspiring stuff I’ve read (and I don’t toss the word “inspiring” around lightly). He’s so intense and passionate about what he does. It shines through in his writing. You can’t fake how much he cares.

      For those who aren’t that familiar with Adam, his personal blog Guru Gilbert is awesome as well.

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