Momentum Days

Yesterday was crazy.  We’re in the middle of our largest Detailed Image sale of the summer, 25% off everything for three days.  I was in the middle of moving LockerPulse to a new server (subject of a future post).  We put some new warehouse processes into place.  Mike is back this week.  Oh, and a pigeon got loose in the warehouse.  Luckily we trapped it quickly and released it with relative ease…a diseased rat flying around pooping all over our products would not have been good.  Anyway, my to-do list piled up faster than I could even think about getting to it.

In general, the past few months have been more stressful than usual.  I’ve constantly been trying to get back into a more balanced routine, but to no avail.  Seemingly though, the rest of the year is shaping up to be pretty good with Mike coming back and the server chaos with LockerPulse behind us.  We’ve got a lot of awesome stuff planned for both LP and DI, but nothing that is pressing enough to have an absolute due date.

Instead of diving into something new, I decided to take today and get my “momentum” back.  *Most* of the time when you run a company, you can control most days with relative predictability. Sure, things always pop up here and there, but not enough to throw your day off track.  Lately though, every day has been thrown off track.  I know that’s not going to be the norm, so as quickly as possible I want to get that feeling of control back.

I had several left over tasks from yesterday to get to.  I ripped through those in the morning, took care of a few other small things that I have been putting off, caught up with all of my emails, and then, late in the afternoon when I could dive back into work, I simply laid out my plans for tomorrow, caught up with my Google Reader, and started writing this post. After this I’m heading out to dinner and don’t plan on working the rest of the night.

Could I have gotten more done today?  Of course.  However, for my long term benefit, sometimes it’s more important to get my positive momentum back and end the day on a good note instead of with my head spinning.   Tomorrow I’ll be excited to dive in to my work, instead of worn out.  Later this week I can really get going on some projects I’ve been wanting to get to for a while now.  All it takes for me is one positive, calm day to regain the momentum.

Update – and 15 minutes after hitting submit on this post, just as I went to close my email, a customer alerted me to a bug on Detailed Image.  Something I probably should just address now.  Sometimes you just can’t win…

4 comments on Momentum Days

  1. Tim says:

    Some days just suck when you own a business, it’s one of those stories that no one hears about when they dive into a project. You’ll face situations that there is no way to plan for, like the pigeon for example. While not a HUGE problem, it needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY and that then derails everything else. At my old business the odd stuff that happened is almost hard to believe, as far as animals that came in uninvited include 3 dogs, 2 cats, countless birds, 1 ground hog(he was tricky to capture) and 4 convicted felons and that’s just one example of the weird stuff that can happen at any time and even the best plans will be derailed instantly.

    As I’ve heard it said, without the bitter, the sweet ain’t as sweet.

  2. Rob says:

    It’s definitely important to take time off where you can. It helps the business in the long run, but it’s also good to be selfish every so often and actually indulge yourself..

    There are obviously certain times a year where it’s harder, or not possible, so other times should be taken advantage of when they arise.

    I’m amazed Mike’s back already – has it really been 4 weeks? It seems so soon…. Are you planning any long trips?

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Actually, I am. Right now I’m in the midst of moving my girlfriend in with me, so combined with work that’s taking up every second I’ve got. If all goes well, I’m shooting for October to take a 2-4 week trip. I’ve got a few places in mind, not sure exactly though. If not, I might do January or February when we’re slow after the holidays and it’s freezing cold here. Either way, I’m due for a real vacation so I’ll make it happen by then at the latest.

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