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The Einszett 1Z Cockpit Premium interior cleaner and protectant, also known as:


Should Magazines Keep Sending Issues to People Who Unsubscribe?

Last month I decided not to renew my subscription to Sports Illustrated. I love the photography. I love the feature stories. There is probably one “great” story every other week, and at least one “absolutely amazing holy crap I have to tell everyone about this” story ever year. BUT since it’s a weekly publication it costs ~$100/year, a very steep price for a magazine. Especially one that you can read online for free. As far as I know, my subscription ended at the end of… Continue reading


The LockerPulse “Thank You” Post

With any web project it just makes sense to utilize a lot of the existing software out there to help speed up development time. With LockerPulse in though, I feel particularly indebted to several of the libraries that we use. Many are open source, some are not.  Either way, we would not have been able to develop a full fledged RSS reader in such a short time without these projects that have been being developed for years.  In almost every case we had to hack… Continue reading


Is This a Smart Way to Get Funding? No. Absolutely Not.

I’ve finally gotten around to reading the May 2010 issue of Inc. Magazine. I couldn’t believe what I was reading the other night when I read the article Is This a Smart Way to Get Funding?. Essentially three kids out of college are selling a percentage of their future earnings for cash now: Erickson and two other young social entrepreneurs recently made the decision to, in effect, take themselves public. Through an online marketplace called the Thrust Fund, the three have offered up a percentage… Continue reading