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Our First Full-Time Employee Started Today

Over the years we’ve had numerous part-time workers, both in the warehouse and contracted workers doing various web stuff, but today was the first day that we had a full-time, salaried employee. The position is warehouse manager, and the guy is Charlie, who has been with us on a part-time basis for just about year now. Through his consistent hard work he’s proven beyond a doubt to us that he’s the right person for the job. No one else was even considered. Given that we… Continue reading


Coffee Shops Don’t Like Being Offices. Opportunity?

The NY Times ran a great story today entitled The New Coffee Bars: Unplug, Drink, Go. There’s a trend amongst coffee shop owners to not allow computers or wi-fi. A few interesting quotes: Name aside, this Café Grumpy is not a cafe. It is, unmistakably, a coffee bar. “I don’t think I’d ever do a bigger space with tables and chairs again,” Ms. Bell said. “I appreciate the idea of when you go someplace and it feels like a home away from home, but I… Continue reading


Our Improved Inventory Zone System

A little over a year ago I wrote a post entitled New Warehouse Layout, Inventory Zones, & Efficiency where I explained our new “inventory zone” system.  Prior to implementing that system, packing slips would just print out items in alphabetical order, potentially sending one of us all over the warehouse to pull the products for an order.  We smartened up and assigned a “zone” to each shelving unit, which was then entered into our database to correspond with the products in the “zone” so that… Continue reading


Questions About The Future of the Web Browser

The future of the web browser. It’s an interesting topic in and of itself. It’s even a more interesting topic for a guy like me who makes his living developing stuff that runs in said browser. Lately I’ve found myself asking a lot of questions, both to myself and to the people I know who are knowledgeable in the industry. Here’s what pops into my head: Are we moving toward an app world where the browser becomes less relevant?  Are we already there? How do… Continue reading


An Interesting (Positive) Trend Among Sports Content Providers

One of the great unknowns with LockerPulse was how the content providers – those actually creating the news – would respond to it. Would they love it? Hate it? Nothing it? In my eyes, we’re doing things right. For all practical purposes, we’re simply a RSS reader, albeit one with an editorial team that selects RSS feeds for you to chose from…because most people don’t know how to or don’t want to…which is the whole point of the project. We aren’t doing any scraping of… Continue reading


How Being in Control of Your Work Drastically Reduces Stress (and just might save your life)

Last month Wired Magazine published a fascinating article on the science of stress called Under Pressure: The Search for a Stress Vaccine. The essence of the article is that while it’s becoming understood that stress has negative emotional, cognitive, and physical effects, we don’t fully understand the depths of what causes stress (for instance, the article talks about how stress endured during childhood or even by a mother during pregnancy can permanently change your DNA), which forms of stress are good for us and which… Continue reading


Balding? Check Out My Interview with a Bosley Expert

It’s funny. With all of the stuff I’ve blogged about over the years, one of the first things people have always consistently asked me about is my balding. When I first designed the blog, I included my shiny dome in the header as a way to lighten the mood and differentiate me from all of the more “serious” business blogs out there. I never knew that announcing to the world that I was balding would be such a big deal. People want to know when… Continue reading


This Just Made My Day

It’s weird, my email volume doesn’t necessarily correspond to our sales volume at all. In seemingly totally random fashion, I’ll go weeks without having to spend more than 30 minutes a day on email…and then there are days like yesterday where from 7 AM to 8 PM I was answering email (I did take a break for a few hours to go on a hike, so instead of being 13 hours it was probably closer to 9). Seemingly every question was the type of thing… Continue reading


LockerPulse Month 3 Update

We’ve been working hard on LockerPulse, but I haven’t posted about it much since we revamped the home page a few weeks after launch in response to some of the initial feedback we received. I’ve got a lot of small updates, none of which constitute enough for an entire post so I figured I’d just lump them all together into one: Server: Stable As I mentioned in June, obscurity is your friend. It took over a month to get right, but by seeing the true… Continue reading


Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Yesterday I had to go to the DMV to renew my license. Not exactly my favorite thing to do. I purposefully drive a little further to a rural area as to avoid any of the downtown DMVs because those places are a mess. When I walked in around 10:30 AM, my best guess at when it would be empty, I was greeted by a nice long line anyway. While I was waiting though, I noticed that one of the ladies helping people was really good… Continue reading