A Big Week for LockerPulse

Last week we completed our revamp of LockerPulse. On Wednesday we launched our re-design, on Friday we completed our source project, and I spent the last few days tying up a few loose ends and debugging a few minor issues. By my count, in total there were about 40 changes – design/UI improvements, feature improvements, and fixed bugs – and 567 new news sources added, bringing the total number of sites that we’re indexing to around 1400.

If you’re interested in checking out the Premium Version, this link is good for free access for life for the first 100 people that sign up within the next week (by the end of the day on 9/12).

Here are some screenshots of the home page, a team page, and the My News page you see when logged in:

New LockerPulse Home Page

New LockerPulse Team Page

New LockerPulse My News Page

All in all a job well done I think. Everything came together real fast – Mike and I spent a full day together two weeks ago and collaboratively got through a list of things that I thought could have taken many weeks if we were working independently.

I feel like the site as a whole is at the point where we’re ready to make a push with it, although for the time being my primary attention has to turn to preparations the upcoming DI Holiday season, which is another topic for another day.

4 comments on A Big Week for LockerPulse

  1. Tim Coleman says:

    This is a great example of how good sites evolve, sometimes rapidly, but still evolve rather than being launched in their perfect state. Obviously web developers strive for as close to perfection as they can deliver, at least most of them, however, what the end user wants is often not exactly the same. Factor in a few bugs, in addition to unforeseen problem and you end up with some big changes 4 months!

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Thanks Tim. And as much as I love what we’ve done, there’s still plenty of room to grow. While 4 months is much better than day 1, it’s still a baby in business sense. I know you and I have had the conversation many times, but I think a lot of sites and businesses fail simply because people give up too fast…conversely a lot succeed because people stick with it and continue to evolve and eventually make it work. Staying in the game is a big factor in and of itself.

  2. Rob says:

    Gratz, looks like it’s coming along nicely! Far better to release early and often than sit on it any longer I think – there’s nothing like real users to give you feedback instead of just your own conjecture.

    How are the paid subs looking? What appear to be the routes by which people are finding you?

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Yes, the real users and the real data has been both helpful and encouraging.

      Paid subscribers are pretty good relative to traffic. They’re converting much higher since we changed the free trial to only require billing info after 30 days as opposed to up front. Our true conversion rate is still inconclusive because there isn’t much data since that change, but we all agree that it will be in a manageable range. It’s not like we need 10 million visitors to get 1 premium account, which is a relief. At some point we do plan on adding targeted ads. Hopefully the combination of the two will turn it into a very profitable site.

      In short, while it’s still to early to tell, the preliminary numbers don’t look bad. We also haven’t done much marketing. My expectation is that the traffic will increase massively from what it is now.

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