November 2010 Archives

Another Record-Breaking Cyber Monday for Detailed Image

Today we completed another killer end to November. Much like in previous years (2009, 2008), we really nailed the prime Holiday shopping period that now stretches from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. We surpassed last year’s revenue for that stretch and we had our largest single day in company history yesterday on Cyber Monday. This month also broke our company record for revenue in a month, and early this month we set our company record for revenue in a year. All of that… Continue reading


What do you want from your work?

My partners and I have a running joke. One of us will pose the question “how much would someone have to pay you to do ___?” Most of the time, we just fill in the blank with the most obscene things our minds can conjure up, and then vehemently debate just how much money you’d need to humiliate yourself. It makes for some entertaining discussion. Sometimes though, we’ll pose a business related question. Like “how much would someone have to pay you to teach basic… Continue reading


New LockerPulse Features – Search Engine, AJAX Crawling, and Custom Wallpaper

Over the past two weeks we released a couple of important features for LockerPulse. As I touched upon when I returned from my trip, we’ve got a few interesting opportunities in the works so I’m spending as much time as I can building out the software. The first thing we tackled was a custom wallpaper feature. Users can now upload a background image of their choice, or choose from our various background images. This is one of those things that doesn’t appear to be that… Continue reading


What’s the True Cost of Eating Out?

One of the best (and most depressing) numbers to look at when buying a car is the “true cost to own”, which factors in deprecation on a loan, interest, insurance, taxes, etc etc to give you a true idea of how much owning your car is actually costing you. Edmunds has a great TCO calculator if you’re interested in trying it out. For instance, a very modest 2011 Honda Civic LX 2dr Coupe with a MSRP of $17,555 will cost you roughly $32,440 to own… Continue reading


Testing a New Promo Upsell for the Holidays

I’ve mentioned on a few different occasions that offering free shipping all of the time, say for orders over $100 or $200 doesn’t work well for a business like ours. We’re in a unique industry where weight doesn’t correlate at all to money spent – you can spend $60 on three heavy gallons that cost us maybe $20 to ship to CA, or you can spend $200 on a wax that costs us $8 to ship to CA. We’ve found that as a policy it’s… Continue reading