December 2010 Archives

My Review of the Cr-48 Google Chrome OS Notebook

We were lucky enough to receive a Cr-48 Chrome Notebook from Google as part of their pilot program because of our involvement with LockerPulse in the Chrome Web App Store. I’ve been using it quite a bit for several days now. My overall impression is that I’m pleasantly surprised with where they’re at and I see a lot of potential in Chrome OS as a whole. More specifically… The Hardware So supposedly Google doesn’t want anyone to critique the Cr-48 hardware. It’s simply just a… Continue reading


Maintaining a Social Life After Leaving the Corporate World

When I first left my career as an engineer to run SportsLizard, my sole focus in life was building a successful business. I viewed anything that got in the way of my work to be an annoyance, and that included anything social. For probably the first six months I spent what seemed like every waking hour of every day working my ass off. I felt like I didn’t deserve a break. Real quickly I learned that isolating yourself doesn’t make you happy, that relationships are… Continue reading


Chrome Web Store Launches, LockerPulse “Popular”

Earlier this afternoon the Chrome Web Store launched as part of Google’s Chrome Event. As soon as I went and checked, LockerPulse was listed as a “Popular” app in the news category. Very cool. If you are a Chrome user (US only unfortunately) I’d very much appreciate you taking a few minutes to install and review LockerPulse by going to the LockerPulse app page. Hopefully we can ride the wave and get as many people as possible to check out LockerPulse during this initial rush… Continue reading