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About six months ago I decided it was time to start working on a new design. I had, what I thought, was a crazy cool idea. Of course, I never got around to it because, well, my blog design isn’t really that important in the grand scheme of things.

This weekend I decided to sit down and take the little that I had done over that six months and put together a new theme. I didn’t much stick to the original idea because I realized it would probably never get done (or, my work wouldn’t get done). My main goal was to just be cleaner, simpler, and easier to read.

I also wanted to:

  • Learn the new Twenty Ten WordPress Theme.  A lot has changed since the last time I did a redesign.  I started with that as my base and modified it to suit my needs.
  • Draw a little bit, because it’s fun.  I drew the picture of my head and the RSS and Twitter icons with some colored pencils.
  • Use some CSS3.  The sticky notes on the right hand side of the home page are all CSS styles and text, aside from the tape image and the cork background.  These look good in all browsers except IE of course.
  • Play with Google’s Font Directory, because I think it’s a cool idea.  All of the fonts in the headings are taken from there.

That’s about it.  I’m sure stuff will change as I get bored with it or come up with new ideas.

12 comments on New Blog Design

  1. Michael Li says:

    Very creative! Love the originality behind the design and the font’s you picked out. Your favicon looks awesome too. Compliments to the new design.

  2. Dale says:

    Love it Adam. Looks great! There’s something to be said about simplicty.

  3. Adam McFarland says:

    Thanks guys!

  4. Neville says:


    …that’s what I said when I was loading up my daily dose of Adam, but got this page instead. LOVE IT! It’s easier to read and very personal. Good job 🙂

  5. Rob says:

    Very clean and fresh. I especially like the drawings! Pencil & scanner or Wacom?

    Also, we’re now allowed to use HTML? COOOL

  6. Adam McFarland says:

    Ha I didn’t even notice the HTML that’s allowed in the comments. I think you could actually use that before even though the comments template said that you couldn’t. Not really sure…so many things to configure with WordPress!

    I had to look up what a Wacom was 🙂 Those things look pretty cool and they seem pretty affordable. I just used colored pencils and a scanner though. It took longer than I thought it would to get the drawings right, scan them in, and then clean them up (I’m lefty so I smudge everywhere).

    • Rob says:

      It wouldn’t let you use it before – it especially didn’t like my pseudo-html (like putting after I have ranted…)

      Wacoms are good fun, but if you don’t need one for every day work then they’re just expensive items you’ve gotta store. I have an A4 (legal-ish-size) one I use occasionally for photo retouching when I know I’m doing a big batch of difficult work, but it doesn’t get used for anything else. I dunno if I’d call them affordable though – I think they run at least £200 for a small one.

      I definitely think it’s worth the effort on the drawings though, much more personal than shiny “web 2.0” style buttons.

      • Rob says:

        heh, and of course I can’t even show you what it wouldn’t let me put because it still won’t. needless to say it looks roughly like this… (/rant)

        • Adam McFarland says:


          Ah you’re right about the Wacom pricing. I did a quick Google search and it said there was one for $47 on Amazon but that was a used one. Something I’d like to play around with but I don’t think I’d ever buy for $100+

  7. Jeff says:

    At the end of the previews on the homepage the […] should be a link which either opens the new page as it does now, or expands the rest. It’d be much more intuitive, I think.

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Thanks Jeff, appreciate the feedback. I did think about it and couldn’t get it the way I wanted it at the time. It might be one of those things I tweak and change on the next pass through.

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