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Good Web Apps Take Time

Yesterday @DHH wrote a great post on the 37signals blog titled The obsession with next. The basic premise was: Outside of a few breakthroughs here and there, most things that are good are good because they got there slowly. He also linked to the Joel Spolsky article Good Software Takes Ten Years. Get Used To it., which DHH referenced as a classic, but was new to me. I really like Joel and I’ve read a good amount of his posts and articles in Inc. over… Continue reading


LockerPulse Ads Up & Running, Version

OK so we really don’t version our projects like that. The point is that this is a really early stage project. From the very beginning, prior to even deciding whether or not to have a paid version, we recognized that there was a lot of opportunity in targeting ads to sports fans. SportsLizard does this in a very basic way. On our Price Guide we target eBay ads based upon what card/collectible the user is valuing. Search for a Michael Jordan card, and we’ll show… Continue reading


How Our Team Pulled Together Quickly For Today’s Big Product Launch

At 6 PM EST tonight Detailed Image was among the first retailers to begin selling the new Meguiar’s DA Microfiber Correction System. Meguiar’s is arguably the most well-known detailing brand in the world, and this product line has been receiving tons of hype. The whole process has been fascinating to watch unfold. For the most part, everything has happened within the last week. Everyone has been working their ass off to ensure that at 6:01 PM tonight we had done everything we could to have… Continue reading


Defining [Our] Company Culture

One of the things I find myself thinking about quite a bit lately, and I find my partners and I discussing, is our company culture. I previously had always brushed culture off as the natural by-product of the personalities of us owners. And to some extent it is, but the problem with that mentality is that it implies that good culture doesn’t require planning or work. As if it magically happens. I mean, without any effort, you’ll get a company culture, it just might not… Continue reading


Five Random Websites I Love

As I’m sure is the case with you, I come across a lot of websites. Between all of the things I search, the things that are suggested to me, the things that I read about on Twitter or RSS or in magazines, the number seems astronomical when you step back and think about it. I probably only find 1 in 100 sites that are worthwhile enough for me to bookmark or subscribe to. There are even fewer that I like so much that I tell… Continue reading