College News on LockerPulse: Start to Finish in 5 Days

On Tuesday morning I received an email from two people at Google asking for some vector graphics for LockerPulse. They said that they were going to be featuring it in an upcoming March Madness promotion, presumably for the Chrome Web App Store, although they didn’t specifically say so (“March Madness” refers to the NCAA basketball tournament that starts this Sunday night with the selection show, with play beginning Tuesday).

This would be an awesome opportunity to promote LockerPulse, especially because we haven’t really started our full-fledged marketing campaign. There was just one problem: LockerPulse didn’t cover college sports, something that I’m not sure the Googlers realized.

At that moment, we were faced with three options:

  1. Tell them thanks but no thanks since we didn’t have college coverage
  2. Send them the graphics but realize that when people visited the site as part of a March Madness promotion that they’d promptly click away
  3. Bust ass and get NCAA sports on the site before the tournament started

Of course, we chose #3. I emailed them back with the graphics and got to work.

We were planning on adding college sports soon, we just didn’t have a hard deadline. It was a large project and Detailed Image is in the middle of it’s busy season, so we previously figured it could wait. Now, with an opportunity like this, it seemed like a no brainer to make it happen. We’re going to be putting a lot of time and money into marketing LockerPulse at some point in the near future, but when presented with an opportunity to make some of that happen now, for free, we’d be crazy not to jump on it.

This morning we launched with coverage for 73 college teams. For the most part, they fit perfectly into the existing structure of the site. I didn’t have a ton of time to research sources, so I’ll have to spend a few nights in the next week populating the database with some more quality news sources for each school.

Just like with the Meguiar’s product launch last month, this was a great example of everyone working together on a tight deadline. Mike covered a day for me in the warehouse and got me all the graphics I needed quickly. My good friend Tim, who has guest blogged on here before and is a frequent commenter, has been managing our social media presence for both DI and LP and has become an even bigger part of our marketing in the past few months. He handled setting up associating Twitter and Feedburner accounts for all of the teams. Which freed me up to get the teams and sources in the database, do all of the development work, and test test test.

I’m not really sure what Google’s promotion efforts will result in (still waiting to find out more info). Hopefully it will bring a bunch of attention to LockerPulse during a really popular time for college sports, which will result in more passionate long term users. Regardless of what happens, just getting this done was a big accomplishment in and of itself.

In five days we probably accomplished what would normally take three weeks at our normal pace. Aside from eating and going to the gym, I was working every waking hour these past few days. It’s not something I want to do all the time, but every once in a while I like it. I enjoy the challenge. I enjoy the singular focus. I enjoy the feeling of seeing it all go from paper to reality in such a short time. And I enjoy the team work that’s involved in making it happen.

5 comments on College News on LockerPulse: Start to Finish in 5 Days

  1. Darrin says:

    Awesome. Things are moving very quick for you guys. I am going to have to stop ignoring these “app stores” here shortly myself.

    • Adam McFarland says:

      I could totally see MockDraftHQ being a pretty cool mobile app. Create and share a mock draft, see who can be the most accurate, maybe give away prizes or something. Lots of potential there. The hard part is the development of course. I’d love to expand LockerPulse to native iPhone, Android, etc but with a small team and small budget it’s tough. By the way, I really like the way you’ve taken the blog. Lots of good content there.

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