Check Out LockerPulse on Google’s College Basketball Page!

Updating my last post about LockerPulse and college basketball, Google has had us on the homepage of the Chrome Web App Store for the past few days:

LockerPulse on Chrome Web App Store Homepage

I thought that this might be the extent of their “promotion”. Then I read their blog post Baseline to baseline, we’ve got the basketball games covered and saw that they’ve added LockerPulse to a special College Basketball Tournament 2011 page where you can check scores, schedules, use Google Maps and Google Earth to explore the cities and venues, and of course use Chrome Web Apps like LockerPulse to keep up with the news:

LockerPulse featured on Google's College Basketball 2011 Page

Traffic and signups have both been way up the past 24-48 hours. Hopefully this continues throughout the tournament. Certainly makes all that hard work well worth it!

Update 3/23 – the official Google Chrome Blog also mentioned LockerPulse in a post about the tourney!

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  2. […] was the case with being featured by Google in the Chrome store during March Madness, this was/is some unplanned and unexpected notoriety for LockerPulse.  As in the Google situation […]

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