June 2011 Archives

How We Use Pre-Sales to Improve Cash Flow

I’ve written before about how the cash flow cycle of inventory can be the death of e-commerce companies of all sizes. One of the things we’ve done this year with surprising success is pre-selling items before we get them in stock. As soon as we place an order with a distributor, the product goes up on our site. Most of the time the description just says “coming soon” and the picture is just something like this: This isn’t all that intuitive of a practice. I… Continue reading


The Results of My “Bike to Work” Experiment

Ever since I picked up my bike I’ve been looking for an opportunity to attempt to ride in to work. I generally go in every Monday and Wednesday, and then every few Tuesday’s and the occasional Thursday or Friday. Since I head over to my parents after work every Wednesday, Monday was the day I decided to focus on. It’s about a 25 minute drive so I knew the bike ride would be over an hour each way. I needed to find a Monday that… Continue reading


One More Thought on Chromebooks and Single-Purpose Devices

One of my favorite devices is the Sansa Clip. It’s the perfect MP3 player for the gym. It’s cheap, it’s tiny, it’s lightweight, it has a super long battery life. Everything about it just works. Maybe the best thing about it though is that it’s not my phone. While any modern smartphone is more than capable of being a MP3 player, it comes with several disadvantages. If you break it, you break your phone. If you lose it, you lose your phone. It’s most definitely… Continue reading


Where I Think Google Went Wrong With Chromebooks

We’re living in exciting times for computing. There’s this ubiquity that’s forming where the lines are blurred between what’s a web browser, an app, and an operating system, and what’s a computer, a tablet, a phone, an e-reader, a gaming machine, a television, etc. The announcements from Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, and the like seem to be coming at us fast and furious. It’s pretty awesome that we’re right in the middle of it all. While Google has a huge horse in the race with… Continue reading


A Milestone For Our Shopping Cart Software

Upon finishing a programming project to improve how we manage out of stock products and then integrate it with our shipping estimates (see image above), I completed all of the major initiatives that we wanted to complete in 2011 to improve our shopping cart software that powers Detailed Image. The reason why we’re at this point and it’s only June 5th is a pretty simple one – most of the important stuff is finally finally done! We’ve built a stable, scalable, easy-to-manage and easy-to-use platform… Continue reading


What a Spring!

Traditionally, the busiest months of the year for Detailed Image have been March and November because 1) those are the months that demand is highest (in March because of Spring time, November because of the holidays), and 2) that’s when we run our craziest sales. Ever since I can remember, March has always leapfrogged the previous November as our highest grossing month in company history, and then when November comes along it beats March, and the pattern continues on the next year. What’s made 2011… Continue reading