July 2011 Archives

Why We Now Prioritize Team Outings

2011 has been our busiest year yet. Busy in terms of sales, but also busy in terms of work load for everyone. In February I posted about how and why we’re starting to think more about our company culture. We’re working to become more cognizant of our culture: what we’re doing currently, how that impacts the future, and whether or not we should adjust what we’re doing right now so that it aligns better with our desired future culture. This year we’ve made it a… Continue reading


LockerPulse Launches in the Toshiba App Place

A few months ago I received an email from SnappCloud, a company that builds cloud app stores, on behalf of Toshiba.  They were interested in including LockerPulse in an app store that Toshiba was launching.  Now, I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical at first.  I mean, just how many app stores can there be?  Then again, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to schedule a call with them, so I did. And I was really impressed.  They had “soft launched” the app store, named the… Continue reading


Pumped to be Co-Teaching a Web Venturing Class!

After my most recent talk at James Madison University last fall, Professor Wales asked me to assist him in teaching a course called “Web Venturing” this coming Fall. What an opportunity!  I think I answered “yes” before he finished his sentence. Prof. Wales spends his summers back in NY so we’ve been able to meet all summer long and work on our syllabus. We had the last meeting yesterday where we reviewed the finer points of the lectures that I’ll be giving. In a little… Continue reading


Where have all the Chargebacks gone?

Two of the most commented posts I’ve written were my posts on chargebacks. It’s a fascinating discussion because it’s a problem that all retailers have, and it’s a problem that most consumers either don’t know about or don’t care about. Retailers are on their own with this one. A few years ago it looked like it was going to be a major problem for us…until it wasn’t. Despite our volume more than tripling since my first chargeback post, we’ve seen chargebacks reduced to almost zero…. Continue reading


We Scored Ourselves a Nice Line of Credit (Finally) + Other Accounting Advancements

Remember that inventory cash flow post I always link to? You know, the one where I basically concluded: Is there any solution to this problem? Yes, there is, and we personally know several e-commerce companies that no longer have this problem. Their solution: they have a shit load of cash. This year we’ve seen good progress towards accumulating that “shit load” of cash. As we keep going further and further above our estimated monthly break-even point, the fixed expenses become more and more negligible and… Continue reading