August 2011 Archives

Review of My Amazon Kindle 3G

In June I finally decided it was time to buy a Kindle. I had just donated a bunch of books that I didn’t want anymore, and decided I’d rather not add to my physical collection in the future. That, and I also love playing with new gadgets 🙂 So I picked up one of the 3G models for $189. The free, lifetime, worldwide 3G coverage seemed worth the extra $50 to me. I envision that it will be highly convenient at airports, train stations, hotels,… Continue reading


What I Learned From Our New York State Sales Tax Audit

A few months ago I overheard a voicemail being left on our office answering machine from The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. My first thought was “crap, this can’t be good”. They generally don’t call people to say “good job paying your taxes, keep it up!” I called Mike, who handles our accounting, and he returned the call. Later that day we learned what I had suspected: we were being audited. Supposedly we were “randomly selected”, although I have a hunch that… Continue reading