September 2011 Archives

Standing Desks are Awesome (and exhausting)

In August I pulled a muscle in my back. It was bad enough that sitting for long periods of time became uncomfortable. This was a big problem because, well, I sit all day long while I work. About a year ago I wrote about my efforts to sit less, which included using a standing station for my laptop sometimes. In that post I outlined all of the mounting research that suggests that sitting all day long can be bad for you. After that I continued… Continue reading


New Pure Adapt Site and…We’re Hiring!

Over the years we’ve unfortunately neglected the website. Aside from changing a few bits of information, we hadn’t updated the design since the 2008 redesign. For better or worse there’s always been something more important to work on, and the old site got the job done, so we just left it. However, as we started to discuss our hiring plan, we realized that the Pure Adapt website all of a sudden became a more important piece of the puzzle. We needed something that showcased… Continue reading


The Inmates are Running the Asylum Today

Today, like many other days, I will be working from home. Mike and Greg however, will also be working from home. Meaning that for the first time in our company history, our warehouse will be run by our employees. In some ways this really isn’t a big deal. Charlie, our warehouse manager, has shown that he is more than capable of running the show. There have been many days where I’ve been in and haven’t had to do much at all to keep things moving… Continue reading


LockerPulse Fantasy Player Tracking Launched!

On Saturday we wrapped up and released one of my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on: LockerPulse fantasy player news tracking. My partners and I have all been avid fantasy players for years (I was in leagues where Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith were the consensus top 2 picks!) and like all fantasy football players, we’re looking for any informational edge that we can get to help us win. Especially Sunday mornings, and especially when injuries are involved. There’s nothing worse than starting a guy… Continue reading


Just Happy To Be Home (and how to help those who aren’t)

As Hurricane Irene made it’s way up the east cost, it seemed as though upstate NY was going to get nothing more than a long rain storm. On Sunday afternoon, during the rain, everything was presumably fine. I was working on a project for LockerPulse one minute. The next minute there were firefighters in full uniform banging on our door telling us that we needed to evacuate immediately because the area was going to flood. Despite being less than a mile away from the Mohawk… Continue reading