New Pure Adapt Site and…We’re Hiring!

Over the years we’ve unfortunately neglected the website. Aside from changing a few bits of information, we hadn’t updated the design since the 2008 redesign. For better or worse there’s always been something more important to work on, and the old site got the job done, so we just left it.

However, as we started to discuss our hiring plan, we realized that the Pure Adapt website all of a sudden became a more important piece of the puzzle. We needed something that showcased our work, our personalities, and our culture. Finally this past weekend we launched a new site.

The Site

To be honest, I didn’t have a whole lot to do with this new site. The majority of the credit here goes to Mike, who did an amazing job with the design (more on that in a second). Greg then wrote all of the content. I came in at the end and did a quick round of revisions and then deployed the site.

While I was very impressed with the aesthetics and graphics that Mike came up with, I’m even more impressed with how he pushed the envelope on what a website can do today in 2011. Using HTML 5 and CSS 3, Mike created a responsive design, a relatively new concept that essentially means that the site adjusts on the fly almost flawlessly to any screen size.

For instance, it looks great on my 1080P monitor:

Pure Adapt Website 1080p

And an iPad:

Pure Adapt Website iPad

And an iPhone:

Pure Adapt Website iPhone

Notice how the water at the bottom looks different on each screen size. You can see the same effects by taking your browser and resizing it.

I also love the personality that Greg and Mike infused in to the site. The community page that gives an overview of the work we do in our community is awesome. And I really love the home page. Everything from the intro line right down to the Bruce Lee quote is a perfect reflection of us. It was really important that this site did that for potential employees. We want to show applicants who we are, what we do, and how we do it, and then let them decide whether or not they’d be a good fit.

The Job

Speaking of potential applicants, as you can see on our new careers page, we’re hiring a full-time “Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support Specialist – Detailed Image”. I realize that job title is a mouth full. Honestly, it was the hardest part for us in the entire job description. We wanted something that described the job without turning potential candidates off (as opposed to say “Customer Service Representative” which, to me, invokes the thought of wearing a headset and answering phones within a tiny cubicle of a gigantic call center…and this job is so much more than that). If you want the most accurate reflection of the job, the bullets under “Primary Responsibilities” describe literally what this person will be doing. A lot of work was put in to the job description so I’ll let that stand for itself rather than rehash it all here.

If you’re interested, I highly encourage you to apply…even if you’re not currently located in Upstate, NY. While it doesn’t say this on the application, we’re open to helping relocate the right candidate to our area.

As is the case with all hires in a growing small business, this person will be the most important hire in company history. That’s magnified by the fact that 1) this is the first employee we’ve hired where we didn’t have someone we already knew in mind, and 2) the skill set for customer support is much more difficult to assess than say a warehouse worker, a designer, or a developer (the other positions we will likely be hiring in the future).

Because of this, and because we expect to get a lot of applicants (one of the benefits of doing business in the Albany area is that there are a LOT of colleges), we have spent a very long time meticulously fine tuning our hiring process for this person. We’ve consulted with other companies, various HR experts, read as many job descriptions for similar positions as we can find, and read as much research as we could get our hands on. Overkill? Maybe. But to me that just shows that we’re attacking hiring with the same passion and intensity that we do everything else. When we dive in to something new, we want to learn as much as we can so that we can put forth our absolute best. I’m really excited to see how this unfolds!

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  1. Dale says:

    Adam, congrats on your contribution to the economy by creating this job! You personally have decreased the employment rate by 0.000000006% (1/153 million).

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