Now With a “Real” Office

New Pure Adapt Warehouse Office

Back in ’09 I wrote The Bootstrapped Office. At that time we had the simplest, most basic work spaces at our warehouse and at home. As should be the case, there were a million things more important than the aesthetics of our office:

Thing is, our customers will never see our work area. So when things go good for us we invest in better technology, employees, new product lines, new marketing initiatives, and a little bit in ourselves. Those things matter in our business. The aesthetics of a work area don’t.

That was 100% true back then. The office was incredibly basic. When we first moved in we put new flooring in, but otherwise we just left it as-is. Now, as we’re bringing in more employees and we’re more profitable (i.e. we’re looking for write-offs), we finally decided to turn our tiny office at the warehouse in to a real office. This year we had the new heating system installed (which included a new electric heating system for the office), replaced the light fixtures and ceiling tiles, painted, replaced the molding, and finally this past week purchased new desks and chairs. The result is the photo above.

Mike has some before and after photos on his blog from the weekend in 2008 when he and Greg put the new flooring down. Let’s just say the room didn’t look very good back then. Here’s an example:

Office in 2008

It took a while, but it actually feels like a real office now. We turned a pretty ugly room that hadn’t been used in years in to a rather serviceable office. It looks nice and it’s comfortable. We’re working on some custom Pure Adapt artwork for the walls to really tie it together.

Things like this might seem minor, and to some extent it is a minor improvement, but it’s just another sign that we’re moving out of that crazy-insane-bootstrapped-start-up-mode and in to a more stable situation where we can spend a little more time on some of the secondary things like this that make for a better work environment for us and our employees.

6 comments on Now With a “Real” Office

  1. Jakob says:

    Looks awesome! Along with the artwork on the walls, how about a big status board, ala Panic and geckoboard:

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Funny you mention that Jakob. We were actually discussing this yesterday. It’s in our eventual plans, although I’m not sure our wall could hold up a large monitor so the main deterrent is figuring out a way to mount it without destroying the structure of the office (which is really weak – I think I could take it down with a few good swings of a baseball bat 🙂 ).

  2. Gary Weinlein says:


    Congratulations, the office space looks beautiful. It’s so cool to have watched you guys grow from small start up to what you are today. Good luck in a strong finish to 2011 and a great 2012!

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Thanks Gary! I’m sure you’re busy around the holidays but we’ll have to find time to get together at least once more before you leave.

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