Overcoming Adversity

What a year 2011 was. It started off with a partner abruptly leaving the company. Throughout the year it felt like a week didn’t go by where there wasn’t some major business or personal catastrophe for Mike, Greg, or I. The phone would ring and someone would be in the emergency room, or in a car wreck, or come home to find their house robbed (all of which happened). Or we’d get audited. Or a once-in-a-lifetime hurricane would displace me from my home. It literally felt like 10 years worth of bad luck happening all at once.

I learned a lot about us this year. Shit is going to happen. That’s life. The unfortunate reality is that we’re less in control than we think we are. What you can control is how you react. And we reacted by having our best year ever. We set revenue records for our largest day, month, and year, all while increasing our profitability. We worked on our culture and made two hires. We managed to keep LockerPulse growing without slowing down on Detailed Image. The business has never been in a better position.

Here’s hoping for continued prosperity and a little more peace in 2012.

Happy New Year’s everyone!

5 comments on Overcoming Adversity

  1. Tim says:

    Best wishes for 2012 and beyond!

  2. Rob says:

    Stressful as it’s been, it’s times like this that solidify you as a team.

    Congratulations on a successful 2011, and here’s to a prosperous 2012!

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