January 2012 Archives

The Advantage of Skimming

Sometimes I think skimming gets a bad rap. We’re worried that people in the future won’t be able to focus long enough to comprehend anything of real value. While there’s likely some truth to that, I also see huge opportunity and huge value in skimming…especially for business owners. Half of the battle when it comes to making business decisions in our current landscape is knowing what’s possible. Whether we’re talking specifically web development (HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, etc), or any other aspect of running a… Continue reading


Learning What to Learn

When I first quit my job and decided to venture out on my own, I was working alone, had almost no resources, had very few connections, and almost no web experience. What I did have was time. And the desire to learn anything and everything that could help me be successful.* So, naturally, if there was something that needed to be done I picked up a book and learned it. This is a great thing. It’s probably a necessary trait to bootstrap your own company,… Continue reading


Trading Hours

@DHH wrote a really interesting blog post yesterday about what he calls “flipping the day“: Most days I work from 1pm to 9pm here in Spain, which translates to 6am to 2pm Chicago time. That gives me all the time before lunch to enjoy the light of day and all the activities that encourages. I find myself more interested in working out, more eager to read books, and generally infused with more energy for both physical and mental activities. Over the past few years my… Continue reading


Taking Care of Your Best Customers

When it comes to our customers, it’s easy for our attention to gravitate to the small minority who contact us repeatedly: the ones who love to chat about detailing, the ones who have crazy purchasing scenarios (you know, the guy who wants to dropship a gift to his brother-in-law, wants it delivered precisely on January 25th, wants a hand-written card included in it, and wants to pay for his order using 4x $25 VISA gift cards that he received from his step-grandmother for Hanukkah), and… Continue reading


Enjoying the Variety of Running a Business

One of the best aspects of running your own business is that you have the opportunity to wear a lot of different hats. Notice that I said “best” and “opportunity.” I view this as a huge positive. Not everyone feels the same way. For instance, some developers solely want to develop websites all day long without ever worrying about the other facets of running a business. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – there are plenty of jobs where you can thrive doing just… Continue reading