February 2012 Archives

Developing Half a Product

One of our major objectives this year is to take some big chances with LockerPulse.  We want to know if it’s a viable business, and if so, how viable.  Is it a profitable side project or is it something much much bigger? While it’s been almost two years since it launched, we were unable to give it the attention we planned on during 2011 due to the yearlong chaos.  So we made it completely free and collected as much data as we could. At the… Continue reading


Five Lasting Impressions of “The 4-Hour Workweek” as it’s Five-Year Anniversary Approaches

A quick Google search will reveal that Tim Ferriss is quite the controversial character.  He’s generally either loved or hated.  I personally am in the minority in that I’m square in the middle.  Tim has lots of interesting ideas, thoughts, experiments, and experiences.  A lot of his ideas are also ridiculously embellished or downright implausible, and he is an endless self promoter. For this post though, we’re going to focus on the positive.  It’s crazy to think, but it’s been almost five years since The… Continue reading


How Many Partners Should You Have?

I already covered how you find good partners (abridged version: try before you buy), but what about the question of how many partners you should have, or if you should even have partners at all?  Every so often I get asked this, and while there is no “right answer” I always like to analyze each of the possible situations. Flying Solo If you’re the “solopreneur”, the entrepreneur with no partners, you have a few huge advantages. There’s no consensus when it comes to decision making,… Continue reading