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You Are Who You Follow on Twitter

As Nev says, you are often the “composite average of the top five people you hang around.”  Which can sometimes be bleak for an aspiring entrepreneur that doesn’t live in Silicon Valley in the sense that the top five people you hang around aren’t likely to have the traits that you need to be successful in business.  But, as Nev also points out, you can get around this: Let’s get started fixing this problem immediately. The goal here is to become influence by GREAT people… Continue reading


Small Businesses vs. The Common Cold

Here’s something you won’t hear discussed in business school.  It’s an unpredictable and very real problem that we’ve encountered consistently over the years.  While it’s something we’ve discussed quite a bit, we’ve never been able to improve upon our “solution.”  What problem you ask? Everyone in the company getting sick at the same time. In retrospect this has actually been less of a problem for us than I’d imagine it is at most small businesses.  Because roughly half of our team is working from home… Continue reading


The March Madness Draft – An Alternative to the Bracket

March Madness is upon us. Due to the NCAA Basketball Tournament “First Round” (commonly referred to as play-in games) starting on Tuesday, everyone is frantically trying to fill out and submit their brackets for their office pools today. I’ll be filling out a bracket or two this year as I always do because it’s fun, but over the past handful of years I’ve spent less time on my brackets and more time preparing for something different: a March Madness draft. The basic idea is that… Continue reading


Disagreeing with Norm – Defending the Part-Time Web Entrepreneur

Inc. is my favorite magazine. It’s probably my single favorite source of news. If I was limited to one hour of business/tech/entrepreneurship news per month, I’d probably spend 45 minutes of it reading Inc. Norm Brodsky authors one of my favorite columns, Street Smarts, in which he fields questions from business owners. Norm is a veteran entrepreneur who has probably forgotten more business than I know. However, I have to take him to task for his latest column. Norm Brodsky on the New Breed of… Continue reading


Volunteering as a Team for a Great Cause

On Tuesday we shut down operations at the warehouse and our entire team volunteered to help move a soup kitchen in downtown Albany to it’s new location. The project is a Roman Catholic-Jewish partnership between the Blessed Sacrament parish in Albany, Catholic Charities of the Albany Diocese, and Temple Beth Emeth in Albany. They serve over 150 meals, three days a week to the poor in the community, as well as provide a clothing thrift shop, medical screenings, legal advice, and other assistance programs. In… Continue reading