Volunteering as a Team for a Great Cause

On Tuesday we shut down operations at the warehouse and our entire team volunteered to help move a soup kitchen in downtown Albany to it’s new location. The project is a Roman Catholic-Jewish partnership between the Blessed Sacrament parish in Albany, Catholic Charities of the Albany Diocese, and Temple Beth Emeth in Albany. They serve over 150 meals, three days a week to the poor in the community, as well as provide a clothing thrift shop, medical screenings, legal advice, and other assistance programs.

In order to make the move happen, Father John Bradley of Blessed Sacrament was tasked with raising over $400,000 as well as coordinating the move on an extremely tight schedule so that there would be no interruption in service to the community. Father Bradley is Greg’s uncle, so we have been aware of the project from the beginning and wanted to help in any way that we could. In addition to volunteering our entire team to help expedite the move (which, due to the amazing number of volunteers, got done with plenty of time to spare), Pure Adapt also made a donation in the company’s name to the project.

Fr. Bradley did a great job ensuring that the media was there to cover the event and raise awareness, which of course led to all of us being on the news or in the paper! I counted four TV stations and two newspapers while we were there. It was actually hard to move a box without it being on camera! As soon as we got home we checked all of the websites, and low and behold the lead story on The Times Union (Albany’s paper) was the soup kitchen with a picture of our newest employee Reece:

Pure Adapt Soup Kitchen

Days like this do wonders for the culture of a company. There are no bosses or employees, just a group of people helping out in any way that they can. The teamwork involved in moving a soup kitchen translates directly to the teamwork necessary for everything else that we do. Everyone also gets a reprieve from their busy lives and gets some perspective on just how good they have things. It’s impossible to do something like this and not walk away feeling really lucky and really motivated to do more stuff like this in the future.

I added a section about this project to our Community page. One of the things I’m most proud of about our company is that we really try to take advantage of opportunities we have to give back, whether it’s through our scholarship or teaching or days like this. Hopefully as we grow we can continue to expand upon what we do. It really is a win for everyone involved.

Here are a few links about the soup kitchen project if you’re interested in learning more:

4 comments on Volunteering as a Team for a Great Cause

  1. Tim says:

    Great work Adam and company! I noticed everyone was MIA on Tuesday, I thought maybe the internet was down 🙂 On a side note, it’s a super small world, I know the photographer who captured Reece in action.

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Haha wow what a small world! I remember that photographer. He was snapping a lot of photos. Looked roughly around our age.

      Btw, looking back at the photo I just noticed that the caption says “A volunteer moves food stuffs from…” The TU needs to get someone to proofread those!

      • Tim says:

        No one reads the newspaper so they don’t waste time with editing 🙂

        Skip is around my father’s age (at or around 60), I’ve known him since I was 4. Super nice guy, does a lot of shooting with the horses in Saratoga.

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