You Are Who You Follow on Twitter

As Nev says, you are often the “composite average of the top five people you hang around.”  Which can sometimes be bleak for an aspiring entrepreneur that doesn’t live in Silicon Valley in the sense that the top five people you hang around aren’t likely to have the traits that you need to be successful in business.  But, as Nev also points out, you can get around this:

Let’s get started fixing this problem immediately.

The goal here is to become influence by GREAT people who have legitimately achieved GREAT things.  And here’s a way to get DIRECTLY INFLUENCED by some of the greatest humans in history.


That’s it.  Read.

It sounds so simple…but let me explain a little more.

Read auto-biographies where great people first-handedly describe their lives.

It’s incredible what you’ll pick up from these.

You’ll learn how they handled problems.

How they think.

How they defied odds.

You’ll learn about their triumphant successes…as well as all the miserable failures it took to reach them.

While I think it’s critically important for any entrepreneur to have a small group of other local business owners to meet with semi-regularly, and a few other ones to communicate with over the web regularly and meet with occasionally, I’m also increasingly realizing the importance of “surrounding” yourself with great people in the blogs you read, people you follow on Twitter, magazines you read, books you read, podcasts you listen to, and videos you watch. In doing so, you can open yourself up to the influence of many magnitudes more people than you could ever interact with individually.

4 comments on You Are Who You Follow on Twitter

  1. Neville says:

    Very true!

    When I’m surrounded by a bunch of business owners FAR more successful than myself…..I try harder and harder to reach the benchmarked level of success THEY set.

    When you hang around a bunch of losers all day (like I did my homeless experiment), your dreams and aspirations stay incredibly low.

    …..and then one day you die without every trying to go higher 🙂

    • Adam McFarland says:

      Another benefit of being surrounded by business owners more successful than I am is just the fact that it proves that being incredibly successful is possible, which in and of itself is very powerful. They’re normal people who are extraordinarily successful. In most cases it’s not because they were born in to money or won the lotto, it’s because they worked their ass off and did some incredibly intelligent things that I can learn from.

  2. Tim says:

    Simple and true. I’m proud to say I honestly couldn’t identify snooki and I don’t know one kardashian sister from the next 🙂 So many people surround themselves with mindless controversy and allow it to rule their lives.

    Surround yourself with worth while content and worth while results will likely follow.

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