May 2012 Archives

It’s Alive! The New LockerPulse is Here

We just went live with the all new LockerPulse. As I said a few years ago, it’s alive! Head over to the home page and check it out. My post over on the LockerPulse blog has the full details of what’s new in this version. I plan on doing a few posts over here about some of the more interesting/challenging/frustrating parts of the project. Personally though, I’m extremely satisfied with how it came out. LockerPulse has truly enhanced my experience as a sports fan. I’ve… Continue reading


On Working From Home For Long Stretches

This Saturday we’re (finally) launching the new LockerPulse. Thus far in 2012 my partners and I have had very unusual schedules. With Reece coming on in January, Greg needed to spend almost every day working with him face to face on mastering our customer service processes. Mike and I needed to spend as much time developing LockerPulse so that the project didn’t drag on for a year. In some ways this worked out perfect: Greg spent almost every day in the warehouse with the guys… Continue reading


4 Rules for Fantastic Internal Email

Internal email (or inter-company email as some people like to call it) is one of those topics that unfortunately seems to get omitted when discussing the keys to creating a successful business. My experience has always been that if it’s done well it can improve productivity and moral drastically. Conversely, if it’s done poorly it can do the exact opposite. I think that this is one area that our current team excels in. For us this is especially important because we’re scattered in various locations…. Continue reading


After Plenty of Setbacks, We’re Getting Close with LockerPulse

Whew. What a crazy project this new LockerPulse has been. Remember when I posted in February that we were half done after about 6 weeks of work? Well, that 3 month project has turned in to a 6 month project. Generally I’m pretty spot-on with my estimates when I plan these types of large development projects out. What slowed us up this time? Without a doubt, running Detailed Image is reason #1.  We’ve grown significantly since our last large development project, the original launch of… Continue reading