Focus: Growth

Yesterday was our new full-time employee Bobby’s first day of work. You may recall that Bobby just finished up college as a Math major at SUNY Albany. He will be taking over our accounting, working on data analysis projects to improve our data-driven decision making as a company, and chipping in with the day-to-day operations in the warehouse.

It was an important day in our company history. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I don’t feel like we’re understaffed. That once Bobby is trained, we’ve got the right people in place to run our daily operations while still having enough time left over to focus on growing the company without Mike, Greg, and I working an absurd amount of hours.

Now that the New LockerPulse is launched, we also don’t have any major development projects in the pipeline. Those stress us in a different way because we’re allocating a large portion of our efforts for an extended time towards something that isn’t currently benefiting us. Instead, our upcoming development projects for DI & LP are all much shorter and will have an immediate impact, either creating a better user experience or converting more customers or saving us time internally.

With the daily operations in place and our team in place, we’re finally in a position to focus more time, effort, and money towards growth than ever before. This means aggressively growing Detailed Image, both in terms of marketing and promotion, but also physically in terms of the breadth of products we carry. It also means making sure that every single obsessive sports fan knows about LockerPulse.

Never before have we had the resources to do this. And given that we’re both profitable and have no outside investors, we get to do it on our own terms. Exciting times ahead for Pure Adapt, Inc.

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