On the LockerPulse Blog: Making HTML5 and Responsive Design Work for Web Apps Like LockerPulse

Responsive LockerPulse HTML5 App

Over on the LockerPulse Product Blog I wrote an in-depth post about the design and development of the new LockerPulse.  One of the big decisions we made early on was to build one single HTML5 app for all devices.  A big part of making that work is using CSS3 media queries to do what’s called “responsive design.”  Early on we realized that responsive design, while awesome, still has plenty of limitations.  This post dives in to the challenges and how we solved them.

It’s probably a 10-15 minute read, but you can get the gist just by reading the headings and looking at all of the pictures.  The target audience is developers and designers, but anyone with an interest in the web will hopefully find it interesting.  The post was sort of  a “proof of concept” for pulling together all of these new and exciting web technologies and using them for a large project.

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